Another machine

I won’t have this one until next week though, so will wait to add pictures. I’m getting a Singer handcrank, 1892. I have this Singer that I’d thought about turning into a handcrank:

Then I discovered that the bag of parts I have does not really seem to go with this machine. I could make some of them work but it will require more parts. I plan to keep this machine and have a treadle base that I could use with a little modification. And then I found a hand crank on Ebay that I fell in love with and that is that. It has an interesting set of decals.

I want to start a quilting project. The problem is that we are still getting this house ready to sell. There are things I can’t find. I had the idea this morning of doing quilted potholders. on You Tube has two tutorials doing these. I thought I could do one on each machine, start to finish, and label which machine I used to make it. It would give me a chance to get a feel for the machines I haven’t used as much. And these are small projects, quick to finish. I’ve been buying scrap fabric from Ebay, and I have some batting that I used on my free motion potholders. I think this could be fun. I discovered the other day that my new cabinet works nicely to cut quilt pieces:

Finally, here’s a picture of old seldom seen, Loretta. It’s just hard to get a good picture of a black dog. She is a good girl but has really slowed down over the last year. She is a rat/mouse killing machine though.

My office

The room isn’t done yet so I tried to move in items that can be moved out of the way when we do the finish work. Right now, I can fit four treadles and one electric in the cabinet into the room. It feels much better.

I have been working on the heads without bases, trying to figure out what I want to keep. I have a Singer 28, with a bag of parts. I started putting it back together and found out that the parts aren’t correct. They may be for a 128 as they look like the right parts but the faceplate is too big and the feed dog plate won’t fit over the current feed dogs.I think I could get some of the parts to work. I’ve thought about turning this into a hand crank, but I am also starting to think that I’d rather just buy a working hand crank and sort out what to do with this head later. I worked on the Hillbilly Handcrank a bit more. I took off the face plate and it’s just filthy under there. So this needs a major cleaning before I do any more work on it. I think I may put this into the barn treadle. That base needs to be rebuilt. I should be able to redo the top so that this treadle will work in it. I have two White rotary heads that fit, but I’m just not fond of them. I would much rather have this machine working. Then I checked on the New Home. I picked up a shuttle and bobbin for it. It still needs a front cover to the shuttle, but I should be able to test it this weekend. It seems to be a nice machine. I am not sure if I want to keep this one. I have a Singer base that could be modified for this, but am not sure that’s the best use for it.

And that left me with the Minnesota K. I have the base for this, missing drawers and in need of a cleanup. I put the parts back on the machine. I understand taking a machine apart for cleaning but it is so easy to lose parts when you do that. The head still needs cleaning but it’s all there. I wanted this for the base, but am now thinking about getting rid of it. We will be moving and I am trying to cut down on what we take. I’m also still undecided about the Wheeler and Wilson. It’s a good machine and sews just fine. I just don’t have a fondness for it like I do the four machines in my office (five if you count the Singer 237 in the base). I also have a Singer 66 head that I want to use in a treadle and a Singer 99k that I should rehome. I want to have room in case I find a machine I truly want, but I also want these to go to someone that wants to use them.

I still haven’t had time to cut anything out. I did sew a couple of triangles on the Free, just to sew with it. I also have plans to do a little sewing on the Davis. I haven’t used it much, just enough to get a new needle seated right and to make sure that I am threading it correctly. I have plans to do the two tutorials and make those potholders. I want to use the Davis for quilting and binding, but it would be fun to try piecing with it. It is such a pretty machine.

We have the office trailer at the river up for sale. I think we will find a buyer. We need the funds to finish clean up at the river and to finish this house. They plan to have a wake for George at the river next weekend. We have volunteers willing to do some cleanup for that, so maybe we can make some progress there. There’s just so much to do.

Hillbilly handcrank

I have been fooling around with this:

This is why picking up a $10 head is a bad idea. I was originally thinking it might be a good parts machine for someone, then got started on trying to get the pieces to make it work. The bobbin cost as much as the head. I bought a shuttle for it, which I’ve managed to misplace. (It was probably a bad idea to tackle a project with my office all torn up for painting.) I ordered a bobbin/shuttle combo which will be here next week, as well as a bobbin winder. Which will bring me to the next question, what will I do with it? I don’t know if the Chinese hand cranks will work on it. I like the crank on it, but I doubt it’s practical. It might fit in my empty treadle base. If it does, I guess I just let the other machine heads fight it out and see which one wins. I have the New Home head, which I need to try out. (It’s another $10 head, that I had to purchase the shuttle and bobbin for. It still needs the front bobbin cover.) I have a Singer 28 that was cleaned up and needs to be put back together. And I could use the Singer 99k in the treadle.

The other issue is whether I paint it. I probably should as there are big chips knocked off it. It still seems very dirty. I am thinking about trying kerosene to clean it up. The vibrator screw won’t go all the way down and that also seems to be very dirty. I also need a presser foot for this. I do have a couple of White rotaries, so figured I could use a foot off one of those. I really should take a look. I guess, if nothing else, someone will have a really good parts machine some day. I do think I will eventually wind up with a hand crank. I really like the Singers with the Victoria decals. I don’t really have a bucket list of machines right now, but I would happily pick up a hand crank or a nice chain stitch machine if one came my way. I like to actually use my machine, even if I don’t do anything but sew practice pieces to look at the stitches. If I finally get to retire, there are a lot of projects I’d like to do. Oh, and the other $10 head I have will likely be even more expensive and take longer to get working. That’s the National Two Spool that is missing the canister.

Long week

It’s been a long week, as they pulled the plug on George and he died on the first. Since he was caretaking our other place, there’s a lot of issues to sort out. We have temporarily stopped work on the house and are working on an office trailer that we need to sell. My office has been torn up for three weeks now. I need to do some touch up on the paint and we need to put in floor boards as Quinn missed about half the room. But, I had to move in some treadles as I just couldn’t take it any more.

It just feels better to have them in the office again. I managed to pop a capacitor on the Viking. Was interesting because I was sewing along, heard the pop and saw smoke, but it kept sewing with my foot off the foot controller. I pulled the plug and shut it off. I’ve read that this is not a critical piece as it’s designed to prevent interference from the machine. I am going to pull it and see if that’s true. I think I am going to find someone that wants it. I’ve played with the cams a bit and it’s a good machine, but I just want to use the simpler machines these days. After spending time lifting my full sized, heavy machines, I am starting to wonder if I shouldn’t hang on to the 3/4 sized ones. I am pretty sure that Singer 28 head I have was a hand crank at some point. It has hinges instead of those heavier pins to connect to the treadle base. That White VS is another candidate for a hand crank. I could put my 99k in that spare treadle base I have. Just not sure what to keep yet. I have my core four (Singer vs, 127, Free and Davis) and a couple of heads to keep. I do want to keep the Necchi and keep working on it. Am not sure which other machines to keep. I am thinking about keeping the Singer 237 as an electric. Mostly, I really want to spend some time and cut out quilt blocks so I have something to sew. I managed to find my cutting board and ruler, so I am ready to cut.

And I picked up these:

These are Kai 10″ Professional shears. I have been using Fiskers and thought I should get a good pair of scissors to replace them. The reviews on these were great. I haven’t used them yet, but will write a full review when I do.

And, just to add some sort of animal picture, this is Gary. He loves being my office dog. The only problem is that he gets possessive of the room and has growled at Lon for coming in. So I have to trade off, so that he knows he doesn’t own this room. He is a sweet dog and is getting better about sharing.

No pretty stitches

I am not getting pretty stitches from my Necchi. I just asked the Facebook forum for help. It still needs to be thoroughly cleaned. It looks like the needle bar wanders over from the central position when stitching. I have tried to sew a little on it every week, sometimes daily, so that the oil will penetrate and start to loosen it up. I think I’ve sorted out the tension issues. I like the machine and want to use it for projects. The Singer 237 simply makes better stitches at this point.

In other sewing machine news, I picked up a shuttle and bobbin for the New Home. It’s still missing the faceplates, but I should be able to test it out. I will likely try and find a new home for it. I ordered a shuttle for the White vs3. I will still need a bobbin, but understand bobbins and shuttles are hard to come by for this machine. I decided to pick up the shuttle while I could. I’ll clean it up and make sure it runs, then find a new home for it as well.

I am having my office painted at long last. It was Quinn’s room and an awful dark blue color. This is a lighter blue and really makes a difference. The problem is that I have to move things out of here and I work in this room. All the treadles were moved out yesterday but half the room is still full. I am going to shuffle things around. I think I can use my library table as a cutting table if I get all the stuff off it. I just have too much stuff out.

And that brings us to Plan B…we have talked about where we want to go when we sell this place. We look at houses and sometimes Lon finds one that he really, really likes. We do some planning about what it would be like to live there. But it’s taken too long to get the house on the market and the place sells to someone else. We have a new plan B and it’s a very interesting house. It’s been on the market for close to two years, so we might have a chance at it. I would love to get this place on the market by spring but it all depends on finding help to make some progress. We have the help of one of the best guys we know right now and he can get a lot done when he’s not working. Would be so nice to be done with this part.

And last note, our friend George, who watches over our other place, had another heart attack last week. They didn’t think he’d make it to Monday but he is still hanging in there and making a little progress every day. If he lasts another day, they will take him out of the induced coma. George has been a real challenge at times and there were periods when we didn’t want to see him again. Since the first heart attack, he’s been making an effort to do right by his friends. I hope he makes it through this. He still has a lot to make up for. And please, if you aren’t married or in a legal relationship, do a living will. His partner has been through a lot because the hospital has to let his adult children make the medical decisions. She’s been there for him when they weren’t, but she has no legal standing.

Singer 237 update

The type of post that only a sewing machine “collector” could love! I think the motor could stand to be cleaned and checked. It’s a bit noisy. But here is my test run:

The red is the top thread with white or maroon as the bobbin thread. The tension is right on, even doing a satin stitch. The FMQ goes faster that I’d like, but I’ll work on that using a treadle. I don’t have a case for this machine but I think it just earned the cabinet. I’ll use the 66 in one of the existing treadles for now, until I find a permanent one to use.

More machines

I made one more trip. I picked up a Minnesota K, plus treadle. The treadle base needs work and it’s missing the drawers. The head needs to be put back together. I picked it up so that I could make a treadle base to use with one of these other machines. I could use it for the Singer 66 and my new to me Singer 237.

So let’s talk about the Singer 237 Fashion Mate. I had a list of machines that she was selling so I started researching them. I would never have considered this machine. It’s too modern and reminds me of when my grandmother was buying newer Singers. But, there were posts on the internet that spoke highly about the machine. It has a plastic piece on the top and front, but the parts are metal. It does straight stitch and zigzag. The instruction booklet for it actually mentions the model sold on a treadle base. So I picked it up.

I needed to put some pieces back together. It seemed to turn okay by hand so I powered it up. It seemed to run okay but I couldn’t get it to zig zag at the widest stitch. I checked and found that the needle had fallen down and wedged against the bobbin case. Moved that and every thing works fine. I still want to go through it and will try sewing on it this weekend. It could be a nice FMQ machine. You can lower the feed dogs and it will use the same darning foot that I have been using on the treadles. I still think it will work better as a treadled machine, so will try that and also try the Singer 99 for FMQ. This machine will be a keeper.

I picked up what I think is a White VSiii. Someone put a hand crank on it. It does not have a shuttle or bobbin, which I understand are hard to find. I think I will likely find a new home for this one.

And the last one was a gimme as I was leaving. Unfortunately, I think this one needs to go to the crusher. It’s a very heavy Morse straight stitch. Her daughter accidentally dropped it and broke off the bobbin winder. That’s not a big problem. What we didn’t notice is that it bent the needle bar badly. And the machine is locked up, which means there could be even more damage. It’s one of the heaviest things I’ve ever seen. I might offer it up as a free parts machine but I just don’t want to mess with it.

So that’s the latest and hopefully last update on new machines for awhile. I want to mess around with the Necchi some more too. I’ve ordered some scrap fabric. It sounds bizarre but I really don’t have any scrap to use for quilting. I have a couple of new quilting books. And I have an idea for a project. I’m starting to learn FMQ and have been making pot holders out of my practice pieces. The problem is finding time to work on this. We have our annual Library Messabout at the Portland library tomorrow. One of the members will talk about sailing his wooden sailboat to Hawaii. Everyone gets together and looks over old boating books from their closed stacks. It’s usually a nice time and I can look through the library for books to take home.

Also, more progress on fixing up the house. We had a friend finish repainting the main bathroom. He did a walkway in the back yard out to the shed and finished up some of the painting out front. He isn’t working right now, so we want to hire him to help us finish this place up. I will have to find a way to move everything out of this room so that we can paint it, which will be a major deal. I might take a day off for it. I have a seed order in. I don’t want to plant much but would like a few tomato plants. I can always hope that I’ll have a real garden. I did manage to make it to the staff meeting this week. My O2 levels have been great. It still wears me out and it takes a couple of days for me to recover. I still feel better than I have in years.

I forgot an important piece of news. I signed up for the Ray Elkins sewing machine repair workshop in July. I am really looking forward to it. The problem will be finding a machine to work on in the class. If the Necchi still needs work, I could take it. I suspect another machine will turn up before the class.

More tapping into the universe

See? I start getting more sewing machines and become down right chatty. So, a local woman cropped up on Facebook, in one of the sewing machine groups I’m on. She has to move to a smaller place and needed to get rid of roughly 22 machines in a short time frame. She’s been collecting these for awhile, so this is like her C list of machines. My Saturday was spent driving into Portland to pick up a nice Victoria treadle for a woman in Boise. She’ll be out to get this, when the weather warms up a bit.

It’s nice to have a treadle that is just visiting, but I did have to rearrange things to have space for it. Then I went to the other location. This happened before payday, so I had limited funds for this. I picked up a National Two Spool. There’s no cannister, so I may never get it running. But maybe I’ll get lucky someday.

I actually passed on a treadle. She had a Franklin in decent shape. I’d gone out there to get it, but it just looked so much like my Free. I wound up with this instead.

It’s a Singer 66 in a Chippendale cabinet. I did pick up a motor for the Singer. But it just seemed like it would be a good machine to treadle. Looks like I was right. (I made a short video of the Singer being treadle, but Word Press won’t embed it into the post. It runs nicely and I can use the bobbin winder!)

I don’t make a very good collector. I am just drawn to certain machines and they aren’t always the collectible ones. (Which is why the Victoria is very safe with me.) It just seemed like this 66 had been a well used machine. I really love the cabinet and looks like my Nechhi will fit right in. (Yes, I tried this today. Those machines are heavy!) The woman told me that when she started out, she was just trying to save everything and wound up with a lot that she should have passed by. Someone did get the Franklin and I hope they enjoy it. I plan to make one more trip out as I might pick up a couple more machines while I have the opportunity. And I need parts.

Tapping into the universe

I have been thinking about the nice batch of sewing machines I have. Right now, I’m not seeing anything that interests me. But, when I was considering buying a Necchi, two popped up. I would have liked the BU, but am happy with the Supernova. The camstaft was frozen, so I have been working on unsticking it. A bit of heat seems to be doing the trick. When I wanted a Davis, one showed up at a nice price. It really seems to work out. Now it’s true that I hadn’t been looking for machines for a long time. And maybe there were some great Necchis when I wasn’t looking for one. I like the way it has worked out. I will need to play around with free motion quilting a bit more this weekend. Need to pick up the front yard first.

And that is another thing, I’m tired of living in the suburbs. It’s a comfortable house and it’s easy to get to the stores. I am so tired of having to deal with the neighbor’s dogs when I let mine out, or the neighbor that thinks our front yards should look like a golf course. I am not interested in that. I am interested in growing food, which I can’t do here because we don’t have a place that gets good sun. It’s a new year. Maybe there are changes on the horizon.

And a happy 2018 to you!

We had a nice Christmas. Quinn and Abby came by for a visit. Lon will be a grandfather in July! We are both happy for them. We opened presents while they were here. Lon had already given mine to me. It’s a suede purse, with Free Motion Quilt work by Tim Latimer.

Tim is known in the quilting world for his hand quilting and work with treadles. The purse is nicely made and looks even better in person. I managed to get the Davis sewing, which took some time to sort out. I haven’t had a chance to use it much. I will probably work with it this weekend. I have a FMQ piece that I am playing around with. Would like to try using the Davis for the binding. Since I had a spell of the sewing machine itch, I have still been reading the ads. I decided I wanted a Necchi. They are well liked and I’ve never sewn on one. I found a Necchi BU that I wanted but the seller flaked out on me. Then a Supernova came up and I jumped on that one.

I was able to get it to stitch, after some work and help. I have a set of cams for it, but the camstack seems frozen. That’s going to require a bit more work. I really don’t care about having the cams, but do think that part of the machine should work. I like having the high and low speed switch. I think this will be a keeper, once I get it all sorted out.

When I picked it up, I also picked up this:

I have no idea what I am going to do with this. It needs a shuttle and I don’t have a treadle base for it. I will probably try to find a better home for it. It moves smoothly and I think it would sew just fine.

And, this weekend, I was given a Singer treadle base. I don’t have anything to fit in it right now, but it’s a nice base. I will not let it be turned into a table.

I did a little practice Free Motion Quilting this weekend. I used my Singer VS2. It went pretty well. I think I have an issue with that shuttle and that’s when I had to stop. It was going pretty well before I stopped. I will try and do some of this every weekend.

And finally, I think we are both finally getting over this cold that has dragged on for weeks. My voice still sounds pretty rough, but I’m not coughing like I was and my O2 levels are good. So nice to be able to sleep on my side again.

Treadle number six!

And just like that, there were six!

This is the machine I was actually looking for, when I found the Free. I have been fascinated by Davis Vertical Feeds for awhile. I’ve seen them for sale in Portland, but didn’t have the money or wasn’t sure I really needed one at the time. I want to get into quilting and these are supposed to be excellent machines for quilting. When this one came up, I did not hesitate and picked up it during the week.


The base is in decent shape, although there is a ding in the coffin top:

The machine is in very good condition. Serial number dating on Needlebar indicates this is probably from 1892.

We are going to look at the beautiful decals on this for awhile.

The machine seems to be in good shape and turns freely. I did not have a replacement belt, so won’t get to sew with it until one arrives. I ordered a spare belt this time and I ordered needles for this. It takes a boat shuttle and I am trying to order a few more bobbins for it.

And the walking foot:

Bobbin winder:

And tensioner:

There was a story on the ad about this being Great-grandma’s machine from 1858, but that clearly wasn’t true. Not so much as a pin in the drawers and no attachments. Still, I’m very happy to have it! It’s a beautiful machine and I think it is a great addition.

More details when I can actually sew on it.

The Free Sewing Machine

Treadle number five came home this weekend. I wasn’t in the market for another one, but I am so happy that I went ahead and picked this up. I believe the machine is from 1920. This must have been a high end machine in its day. It is in excellent shape, although it really needed oil. The more that I oil it, the smoother it sews. And it sews nicely and winds a bobbin as well as I’ve ever seen.


First, I’ve heard that some people have passed on buying this machine because it did not take standard needles. It does take a Universal needle and mine came with a tube of Boye #16s, if that’s any help.

First up, the part that gets noticed, the case. This one is in very nice shape.

The machine is in nice shape too. There is a little silvering in spots on the decals and a little wear.

But this machine is different from the Singers of the same era. Here are some of the nice features on this machine. It has a machine lift. When you open the lid, the machine rises up into place. It’s very easy to take the belt off to oil the underside. Just lift the lid enough that the machine starts to lower. You can flip the belt off. In fact, it’s hard to get it loose on the lower wheel. The front piece lifts up out of the way too.

When the lid is closed, the drawers lock automatically. You can see the rod that locks them into place in these two pictures.

The bobbin winder folds up into a recessed area on the head.

This is the stitch regulator:

And when you have the belt off, there is a release button that allows you to tilt the head back.

There is a release for the shuttle as well:

And here is the underside. There is a short You Tube video that shows this in motion. These are not the only ball bearings on the machine. There are bearing on the treadle pieces as well. When this machine is oiled, it is a smooth running machine.

Nice drawer pulls

Brand name on the treadle:

This machine winds a bobbin perfectly

Nice stitches even with the old needle.

I did take off a rat’s nest of thread that was wrapped around the hand wheel.

Attachments look unused:

And this card was tucked into the attachment box:

Unfortunately, after hemming a skirt, the leather belt broke. I have ordered a new one and it will be worth the wait. I am very impressed with this machine and very happy that I picked it up. If you find one for a reasonable price, please buy it. I will do some minor work on this at some point, mostly to preserve the finish on the base and the machine. Oh, one last thing, this is probably the only treadle you will see with brown irons. The manufacturer thought they looked better with the wood than the black irons.

Dog update and systems

Gary is finally settling in. He is still very insecure. He loves his toys. He whines a lot and barks at everything. Who knew that there was a springer that could bark more than Jake? I still have to be careful with food and toys so that there’s no jealousy. It’s funny to watch Gary run and jump. Sometimes, he acts like he didn’t get to do too much of that.

And I am officially moving to Field Notes. The ledger books are working out for tracking my spending. I started using the datebook as I don’t have that much to track. It’s lighter than using the Traveller’s Notebooks. I love them, but I just don’t seem to find a good way to use them. I will figure something out, but they aren’t something I need to carry every day. I am considering getting a holder, likely the Pony Express, just to keep the notebooks in better shape. I use a third one for grocery lists and other items.

Quinn came by this weekend and did some great work on the house. The columns are done as well as the supports in the back of the house. He fixed the door in the office too. We need to finish just a few more things on the house and then we can focus on all the little things inside.



Too long between updates

And here it is October! Well, it was too hot when I took my last week off, so I didn’t get anything done. So I took last week off and I still didn’t get anything done. But we have another springer! He is a 7 year old neutered male that did not do well with a new baby at his old home. We drove to Maryhill on Wednesday and picked him up. It’s still a little too exciting around here, as Loretta doesn’t care for him. But we are all managing.

The outside of the house has been painted. We are working on the trim out front. The plan is to paint the shed next. We have about a week of nice weather before the next storm. Really want to have that outside work done. We also have the trailer here, so we can take a load of yard debris  to the dump. The soil has been too hard to work, but hope to plant a bunch of bulbs and plants soon.

The place we wanted on the coast is pending sale. It’s sort of a relief as I just don’t think the house would have worked out for us. It’s weird to have all the living quarters on the second floor. But, if it doesn’t sell, I feel certain Lon would try to put in an offer. We’ll see what happens. If we can get this place on the market, I think it will all come together quickly.

I am really glad to have the cooler weather. I keep forgetting to wear a sweater, but it’s still nice. This is the first year that I haven’t been able to take the heat at all. It just completely knocks me out. We had smoke from the Eagle Creek Fire and the usual pollution too. I just didn’t do well with it.

I’ve been knitting a lot, mostly socks. Quinn came up with Abby for his birthday and we had dinner together. Was nice to see them. I don’t know how much longer we will be working on the house. We just haven’t been able to get a lot done. I still have painting to do inside, but that can be done even in bad weather. I’d like to finish it before it’s so cold that we have to shut up the house. I have the office partially cleared and would like to do it first. We have such a list of things to do on this. Still we make progress even if it’s slow.

Moleskine redux

I am almost to the end of the Moleskine that I’ve used for a journal. I just found out that the last signature of paper is no longer sewn in. Looks like the thread just broke and I have a loose section at the end. I ordered a Rhodia to replace it. I used a small orange Rhodia for awhile and the quality is great. The new journal is a gorgeous purple and I think I’ll be happy with it. So nice to use fountain pens in my journal again.

Work continues on the house. I am taking a week off from work to try and make some progress. Want to be able to put in an offer on the new place and be close enough to putting this on the market to do that. And, I am looking into retirement. I am ready to spend some time doing the things I want, while I still have the ability to do that.


I started using Moleskines back when they became cool. I still really love the Reporter style. Like many others, I’ve noticed that the quality is terrible since they moved production to China. The paper was always iffy for fountain pens. It’s become unusable. And it’s rough paper. I just can’t justify buying them any more. I have both sizes of Midori Traveler’s notebooks. I like the regular size but it seems very heavy. And it’s an awkward size. I have been using the Passport, with a monthly calendar insert and a couple of blank inserts. It’s better and lighter, but it still doesn’t suit me. I do not have a shortage of notebooks. I’ve used Field Notes in the Passport and they fit okay if a bit big. I have a Quo Vadis Habanera and that size has worked well for me in the past.

The big issue is the notebook I use for journaling. I wanted a bigger notebook than I’d been using, so decided to use a standard sized Moleskine. I have to use a ballpoint to write, but I am close to finishing it up. I needed something new, so I ordered a Rhodia today. I’ve used one of their small notebooks. I was looking at it today and the quality is very nice. I may be buying more notebooks from them.

I really don’t have a lot of things to track, like in the old days. Most of it is dealing with bills and remembering what I’ve promised to pay. I’ve set things up in Evernote for now, as it’s nice to be able to have all the contact and account info on one page. I could do that in a notebook too, but don’t have the ability to encrypt my account information. So, I don’t know. When I retire, I should be able to simplify even more. I was tracking what I was eating, but stopped doing that for awhile. I should go back to doing that. It’s helpful to see how we were eating when we did Paleo. And we do need to get back to Paleo.

Still trying to sell stuff and get some earnest money together. Still making plans for a house we don’t own and swamped with work to do on the ones we do own. I would love to have Thanksgiving and Christmas at the new place. Will see if I can make some progress for us this weekend.

And I forgot one last update: Slobberpuss died at home. We had an appointment to take him to the vets to be put down. I went to load him into the carrier and he was dead in front of the refrigerator. RIP, Slobberpuss


Some progress

We have been working on the house a lot. We are finally getting to the point where we paint. We are touching up the current colors. We still haven’t moved much out, but we are packing books up in bins and will be moving them out of sight. We’ve had help on the yard but still need to do more work there. And, if we can pull together the earnest money, it looks like we can make a deal on the place we want to buy. We have several things up for sale. It’s a lot of work but fortunately we have both been feeling better. I did some painting under the sink last weekend and think I am ready to tackle some walls.

Looks like we will need to have Slobberpuss put down. I thought he had a tumor. One broke open on his side and he’s lost a lot of weight. He managed to get an abscess on his face and I thought he might lose one eye. It finally started draining, but really he doesn’t have much time left. He’s one of those cats that never use a cat box, so it’s just getting worse.

We’ve really had bad weather this summer. It looks like October out there today. I know it’s going to rain a lot on the coast and I will need to deal with this. And I know it will clear up as soon as the days start to get shorter. That’s just the way it goes around here. Feels good to finally be making some changes.!

A couple of updates. The first is that I closed the Spindlitis Yahoo Group. It just wasn’t getting any posts. I’ve tried to shut it down before but folks always asked to keep it active. After a year of no posts, I decided to just close it. I’ve seen a lot of blogs and email groups die off lately. Just the way that it goes.

The second is that we are selling this house and the river property. We have major bills to pay and it’s time to move on. We are in the process of trying to clean the place up and start to pack. We have a large box truck (which will need a motor before we move) and we can store things in it securely. We have been looking at places on Zillow, trying to find a good location. I won’t post anything about it yet, but we have one that we are seriously looking at. It’s been for sale for some time, so there’s a good chance we can make a deal on it. More as we make progress on this.


And a picture of my old cat, Jack. I don’t know how much longer I’ll have him as he is getting up in years. Best and smartest cat I’ve ever had.


I have just gotten terrible about blogging. I hate to give it up though. So let’s see, we have removed the dock and are waiting for the bill from DNR. My big boat is in limbo, somewhere hidden out on the river. I have no idea what we are going to do with it. We sold the sailboat and wound up with it back again, also hidden out on the river. We still haven’t moved out, although we are certainly ready to go. I have not being doing well with my breathing. I ordered some prednisone from an online pharmacy, so I might finally be able to get something done. It is so frustrating to spend my time sitting or coughing. I need to line up a new pulmonologist. I missed the latest staff meeting due to a medical emergency. Got a bunch of pills stuck in my throat and wound up in the ER. We have been feuding with the mail carrier and have had to replace the mailbox and post. Honestly, we are so sick of dealing with bureaucrats.

But our silly springer still keeps us laughing. Folks have been understanding at work. I manage to do the job. We are getting rid of some stuff, even if we still haven’t been moving out. I think we are closer and I think things will really start to happen once we get unstuck. We’ve been looking at places to buy, which motivates us to work on this house. Just waiting for spring.


Hope your Thanksgiving went well

I didn’t do too badly, considering that the big oven doesn’t work on the stove. (I have a dual oven stove, but the top oven can do cookies and not a lot more.) Lon had one of those big electric roasters that I keep threatening to throw out, so I used that. We picked up an extra turkey while they were on sale. I did not make my own pies and did manage to get a decent dinner done.

Still sort of in limbo on the river place. Lon has made a lot of progress in cleaning up the house. We will start moving things down to the river soon. We have help to get the place ready to sell. Really want to get it on the market soon. The weather change has affected my breathing again and I’ve had to use prednisone a couple of times. I’m trying to keep the sessions short. I don’t seem to be triggered as much, so I think my immune system is in better shape. I just want to be able to do more.

I picked up a couple of 7″ Kindle Fires during the sales. They were $34 and I thought they would be worth trying. I like it better than the Paperwhite, which surprises me. I find it easier to read. And, I have been reading some books on sketching and watercolors from Kindle Unlimited, so having a color display is great. Will probably hang onto the Paperwhite for awhile longer. Both Lon and I tend to read things on our phones when we are in the living room. I thought they might make a good replacement for that. I use Amazon a lot, so I’m okay with making it easier to shop with them. We might use the Amazon Video feature for a change.

We don’t seem to do a lot for Christmas, although I try and bake cookies. Don’t have any real plans and will likely just get a few small things for us. The focus is on getting the house on the market and getting moved. This should be our last Christmas at the house.