Doing battle with bureaucrats

Well, we’ve fought the good fight and it looks like the bureaucrats will win. They are going to remove our dock. It’s been there since at least the 70s. We’ve removed every single thing they wanted and are down to two boats in the river. But it’s not enough. They want to “restore” it, which is funny because they are responsible for the fill. And they will be responsible for the erosion which will take out another part of the road. They are evicting the leaseholder next to us. I fully expect them to refuse to renew the lease for the marina at the end of the slough. There is a chance that the Republican could win the Commissioner of Public Lands position and rein them in a bit. But it will be too late for us. That’s what we are involved with right now. It will be such a blessing when we finally have these people out of our lives.

Ginger’s husband Ed died last week. He was in declining health but still was a shock. It’s a hard thing to deal with and there are so many things you have to do. I am trying to help with a memorial service for her family and friends to attend.

And…I bought my first brand new pressure canner! I’ve always bought old ones. Lon has an unreasonable fear of pressure cookers and canners. I really want to be able to can meat. He’d like some soup stock. I have dehydrated veggies on hand, so I can put together a quick meal if I have the stock. I find lots of deals on marked down meat but we have such a tiny freezer. This should help. It’s a 22 qt Mirro, using weights rather than a gauge. I would have liked the All American, but I really don’t need heirloom quality right now.

I have been going to the Naturopath for awhile now. I’ve managed to get back off prednisone and am feeling better. O2 levels have been good and I’ve found something that clears up the congestion better than the nasal spray I’ve been using (Lugol’s Iodine, in case you were wondering). The real test will be this winter.

I am moving the cats to a raw meat diet. I’ve been buying pre-made frozen meat. Fanny seemed to have colitis and she’s always had a sensitive stomach. Jack is prone to urinary tract blockage. They eat the raw stuff better if I mix it with canned. If this works out, I might look into getting a good meat grinder. I’ve been giving the dogs a good dry food with raw meat in place of their Alpo. Jake still misses the Alpo. We really can’t afford the expense, but I think that feeding them better quality food keeps them out of the vets. Jake was microchipped last visit and got a rabies shot. Loretta also got a new rabies shot.

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  1. I have a big, heavy vintage aluminum pressure canner, and I’m too nervous to use it, though I’d like to be able to can meat and some of the vegetables that need the safer treatment. Maybe I’ll just get a modern one too, for my peace of mind.

    Now, meat grinders are another thing! It’s one of the things I collect, and those old manual ones will last several lifetimes. I use them too, though I typically have just one that’s kept in the kitchen and used; the others are just clamped to shelves in the cold cellar.

  2. I’ll have to count how many meat grinders I have. They seem to reproduce! And I have a couple of pasta machines too. I’ll fire up the new pressure canner this weekend and give a report.

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