About me…

I am a refuge from the simple life. When I started this blog, I was living with my husband of 37 years on 2.5 acres up in the Cascade mountains. My husband died last year and left me to struggle alone. I moved into a house owned by my church, and re-discovered the luxuries of running water and electricity. And I met a good friend during those lonely nights in the ICU, a man that lost his wife of 21 years the day before I lost Jeffrey. It formed a bond between us that turned into love. And now, instead of tending to my goats, I am learning to live with modern conveniences. I am looking forward to life on the river, in our big houseboat.

  1. Did you used to own the loom list on yahoogroups?
    If so You gave me the list several years ago and I turned it over to a lady going on two years ago. Wife and I still have weaving and spinning equipment but haven’t done much last two years. Wife is into quilting now and a lot os sock knitting. We have lived in Phoenix now for 33 years and are retired.

    I saw your name on my Fb page.

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