New doggie!

Lon has talked a lot about getting a second dog. He really likes Loretta, but thinks she would like to have another dog to play with. I’ve been hearing this on a regular basis and have my doubts about it. But he came up with an ad for a free Springer Spaniel and asked me if I wanted him. Without thinking about it too much, I said yes. I’ve had two Springers. They have great personalities, but tend to be hard headed. I like the Springer/Golden cross better, since they tend to mind better. (And that’s what Loretta is.)

Anyway, Jake’s owner got in a bad motorcycle wreck that morning and the doctors thought it might be a year before he’d recover. His family put the dog up for adoption. It’s not as heartless as it sounds. He is a high energy dog and loves to bark. When you spend a lot of time in the ICU, you just don’t have time left for an animal like that. So we wound up with Jake. He’s 9 months old, handsome and goofy. He’s extremely people oriented and does not like to be left alone. For the first three weeks, Lon slept in the recliner so that Jake wouldn’t bark all night. (The cats have retreated to the bedroom). We are finally past that stage. We have a large wire crate which has helped with all of this and I am now trying to get him to settle down around the cats. He just gets so worked up! And Loretta hates him. And I’m not talked about irritated–she turns into an ugly snarling dog when he’s around her in the house. She’s better with him outside. So the house is still in an uproar. But we truly like him. He’s a sweet dog and has real potential. He is a much better watch dog than Loretta.

And we discovered that he loves water:

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