Hillbilly handcrank

I have been fooling around with this:

This is why picking up a $10 head is a bad idea. I was originally thinking it might be a good parts machine for someone, then got started on trying to get the pieces to make it work. The bobbin cost as much as the head. I bought a shuttle for it, which I’ve managed to misplace. (It was probably a bad idea to tackle a project with my office all torn up for painting.) I ordered a bobbin/shuttle combo which will be here next week, as well as a bobbin winder. Which will bring me to the next question, what will I do with it? I don’t know if the Chinese hand cranks will work on it. I like the crank on it, but I doubt it’s practical. It might fit in my empty treadle base. If it does, I guess I just let the other machine heads fight it out and see which one wins. I have the New Home head, which I need to try out. (It’s another $10 head, that I had to purchase the shuttle and bobbin for. It still needs the front bobbin cover.) I have a Singer 28 that was cleaned up and needs to be put back together. And I could use the Singer 99k in the treadle.

The other issue is whether I paint it. I probably should as there are big chips knocked off it. It still seems very dirty. I am thinking about trying kerosene to clean it up. The vibrator screw won’t go all the way down and that also seems to be very dirty. I also need a presser foot for this. I do have a couple of White rotaries, so figured I could use a foot off one of those. I really should take a look. I guess, if nothing else, someone will have a really good parts machine some day. I do think I will eventually wind up with a hand crank. I really like the Singers with the Victoria decals. I don’t really have a bucket list of machines right now, but I would happily pick up a hand crank or a nice chain stitch machine if one came my way. I like to actually use my machine, even if I don’t do anything but sew practice pieces to look at the stitches. If I finally get to retire, there are a lot of projects I’d like to do. Oh, and the other $10 head I have will likely be even more expensive and take longer to get working. That’s the National Two Spool that is missing the canister.

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