Monthly Archives: July 2017

Moleskine redux

I am almost to the end of the Moleskine that I’ve used for a journal. I just found out that the last signature of paper is no longer sewn in. Looks like the thread just broke and I have a loose section at the end. I ordered a Rhodia to replace it. I used a small orange Rhodia for awhile and the quality is great. The new journal is a gorgeous purple and I think I’ll be happy with it. So nice to use fountain pens in my journal again.

Work continues on the house. I am taking a week off from work to try and make some progress. Want to be able to put in an offer on the new place and be close enough to putting this on the market to do that. And, I am looking into retirement. I am ready to spend some time doing the things I want, while I still have the ability to do that.


I started using Moleskines back when they became cool. I still really love the Reporter style. Like many others, I’ve noticed that the quality is terrible since they moved production to China. The paper was always iffy for fountain pens. It’s become unusable. And it’s rough paper. I just can’t justify buying them any more. I have both sizes of Midori Traveler’s notebooks. I like the regular size but it seems very heavy. And it’s an awkward size. I have been using the Passport, with a monthly calendar insert and a couple of blank inserts. It’s better and lighter, but it still doesn’t suit me. I do not have a shortage of notebooks. I’ve used Field Notes in the Passport and they fit okay if a bit big. I have a Quo Vadis Habanera and that size has worked well for me in the past.

The big issue is the notebook I use for journaling. I wanted a bigger notebook than I’d been using, so decided to use a standard sized Moleskine. I have to use a ballpoint to write, but I am close to finishing it up. I needed something new, so I ordered a Rhodia today. I’ve used one of their small notebooks. I was looking at it today and the quality is very nice. I may be buying more notebooks from them.

I really don’t have a lot of things to track, like in the old days. Most of it is dealing with bills and remembering what I’ve promised to pay. I’ve set things up in Evernote for now, as it’s nice to be able to have all the contact and account info on one page. I could do that in a notebook too, but don’t have the ability to encrypt my account information. So, I don’t know. When I retire, I should be able to simplify even more. I was tracking what I was eating, but stopped doing that for awhile. I should go back to doing that. It’s helpful to see how we were eating when we did Paleo. And we do need to get back to Paleo.

Still trying to sell stuff and get some earnest money together. Still making plans for a house we don’t own and swamped with work to do on the ones we do own. I would love to have Thanksgiving and Christmas at the new place. Will see if I can make some progress for us this weekend.

And I forgot one last update: Slobberpuss died at home. We had an appointment to take him to the vets to be put down. I went to load him into the carrier and he was dead in front of the refrigerator. RIP, Slobberpuss