Monthly Archives: July 2011

Has it really been that long?

Hard to believe that it’s been so long without an update. We spent a very hectic time trying to pull together enough money to pay taxes on both places. We sold our pickup with a dump bed, the cop car and the UHaul van. Really left our finances in a mess, but we pulled it off. Then, July 7th, Lon’s mother died. We went up to see her on the 5th. They’d moved her to hospice and I really didn’t think that she had long. She was 89 and had dementia so I guess it’s a blessing in a way. It’s never easy.

The river is back down and we are making some progress at cleanup and at moving. It’s still the world’s slowest move, but that’s the way it goes. There’s a lot to sort out. My stuff is there, of course. I’ll have to work from the house for now, since I can’t get fast enough internet at the river to support my work phone. And there’s still so much stuff here. It’s a bit difficult to try and share the van between us and Quinn. Quinn’s car needs an engine and he’s working on it. There are times when he needs to borrow the van too. I’m really glad that I only need to go in a couple of days per week.

We have chickens at the river sitting nests, so am waiting to see if we get chicks out of this. I have one hen at the house here that is broody, but the eggs aren’t fertile. We spend some time trying to plan out what needs to be done at the river. I’d like to start working up a garden for next year. We need to come up with money to start rebuilding the trailer there and of course, there are taxes again next year. It just never ends.

I have been knitting a lot, mainly small shawls. I have a couple of projects just sitting there while I churn out yet another shawl. The good news is that I’ve been using up some yarns that I’ve had forever. It’s nice to have them turned into something a little bit useful. And it feels good to be knitting again. I haven’t been spinning lately but that’s okay. As you can see, I’ve had a lot of stuff to do.