Monthly Archives: June 2011


The river is still high. We’ve moved down one old float that we want to take apart. The next project is to move in a single story houseboat. This is also going to be taken down. Low water caused some problems with the float structure several years ago and it’s just not rebuildable. If we can get it moved in, it will be a lot easier to tear down. It will give us a closer spot for the Aqua Home, which we plan to work on this summer.

And we are finally getting closer to putting the house up for sale. It’s gotta be done. Quinn is going to move in here for the summer and we can show the house after a little touch up work. It means all sorts of upheaval, but I am hoping that we can finally get past this. I have plans for making a garden at the river and doing major cleanup.

We may also be past the law suit in a few months. We’ll see how it goes. There is so much stress involved with all of this and I haven’t had much time off lately. I’m hoping for a beach trip over the 4th of July weekend. Lon had another birthday on Sunday. I managed to make a german chocolate cake from scratch for him. I’m getting better at cooking.

Work has been going well. I work from home three days a week. It’s helped a lot with our finances and I feel a lot more productive. I work a split shift those days, so I have time in the middle of the day to do things in town. I try and think about how this time will be when I look back on it in a few years. The stress has been bad, but it’s normally a pretty good life.

High water

I haven’t been posting much here, but I have added a lot of pictures on the site. (If you go there, don’t use www in front of it!) The Columbia is over flood stage. We’ve been doing a lot of work at the river. We’re moving an old float over to be taken apart. We’re also moving one of the houseboats in too. High water won’t last forever.

There’s still a lot of water due to come down from Montana, as the snow melts there. In a lot of ways, it’s wonderful to see this much water at the river. The bad part is that we may not have a solstice messabout this year. The water is too swift for the wooden boats and there’s no place for them to camp.