Monthly Archives: May 2011

working from home and linux

I worked in a unix environment for two years and really enjoyed it. I’ve been trying to find a way back to it and finally, I’m able to do it working from home. I use my trusty Thinkpad T23 with Linux Mint. Now most of the time I’ve spent with computers, I’ve spent more time learning operating systems, than I’ve spent actually using programs. It’s been fun to try working in different programs and sort of settling in. I did download and burn a copy of the latest Ubuntu. (For non-geeks, there’s a bit of a buzz about this. It’s very, very Mac-like and they are developing their own music and app stores.) I dealt with Ubuntu for a long time and I’ve found that every other update breaks something, badly. So I won’t be installing Ubuntu. Mint is Ubuntu based, but is not going to be using that new Unity desktop. Since I use my computer for work now, I really can’t afford to have downtime.

I am likely going to be spending some time with Free Geek in Portland. I’ve decided to volunteer and go through their build program. I could use a computer dedicated to work (so I can play on the laptop again.) It’s been a long time since I’ve done hardware and this will be a nice way to learn. They also have Mac and laptop training, and I’d like to do both. I’m sure that fiber time will continue to be short. I’ve had a lot of arthritis issues with this cooler than normal spring and there are times my hands just plain hurt. Just part of getting old, but it does mean that I need to find some new interests, in case I can’t do the old ones.