Monthly Archives: February 2011

Snow day

I took a snow day today. I struggle over this, as I’m usually confident of my ability to drive in snow. I had a bad time with icy roads in January, where I came close to being in a wreck, and I no longer want to drive in ice. I could have dealt with the snow today, but temps tonight will be in the 20s and that means ice. I stayed home. I did have some snow and poor visibility last night, but managed to do okay.

I know at some point, my driving skills will start to deteriorate and my reflexes worsen. It’s part of the aging process. I suppose that doing a 150 mile commute was not a good idea, but I do like the company and people that I work for now. I just hope that this is the last of the bad weather for the year and we can return to the usual rain. I’m ready for spring.

Nourishing Traditions

I’ve been a fan of this book for awhile. I bought a copy several years back and I love all the notes along the sides that talk about nutrition in different cultures. I have to confess that the recipes sometimes intimidate me, especially the ones for making lacto-fermented vegetables.

The good news is there are a bunch of websites, teaching you how to do this stuff. My bookmarks can be found here.

I especially like Nourishing Days. Shannon has a very nice e-cookbook, designed for seasonal cooking. The recipes I’ve tried are great. They are simple, filling and tasty. I highly recommend it. I’m not as good about this as I’d like. I want to start using sourdough again. I need to soak my beans and grains overnight and I need to tackle those lacto-fermented veggies. It’s an important way to build health.