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Letter writing

I’ve always been big on appropriate technology. And I feel that we are losing a lot to our digital life. Think of all those digital pictures that are not priinted out, sometimes lost during a computer crash. I once talked to someone that lost pictures of her grandmother’s 102nd birthday that way.

So I love the idea of someone promoting letter writing. There’s even a website that has letterheads by famous people. So I was thrilled to find this blog: Art of the Letter . She’s making custom letterheads for a limited time. Stop by and get yours.

Messabout two

From the front of the Aqua Home

From the front of the Aqua Home

It’s been hot, but lovely on the river. I went down to the Aqua Home on Friday and sat for awhile. Decided that I should take a picture of it, just to remind myself how how nice it was.

We had our second messabout yesterday. There was a great turnout for the food, but not as many boats as in years past. Wish we could head out to Toledo for the show next week. The really good news is that I am getting my first project boat! It’s a 16′ sailboat, based on plans for the Titmouse by Sam Rabl. It’s likely we will have to redo the bottom and fiberglass it. And I think I will make some new sails. I’ve been told these are too small for the boat. I’ve wanted a small sailboat of my own. I want to learn how to sail. We have two sailboats at the place. One would be a good size for learning but I’m reluctant to use it since it doesn’t belong to us. The other boat, the West Wind, belonged to Lon’s wife and Lon has promised it to his son, Quinn. Since Quinn really is not into sailing, I may borrow it once I know what I’m doing. We have a motor for it but the motor needs a prop. Still waiting on getting that up and working. Anyway, this little sailboat would small enough to take out on the messabouts.

It was great to see all the Coots yesterday! I hope we’ll still be able to have messabouts in the years to come.