Monthly Archives: October 2007


I thought it might be nice to post my typewriter pictures. I finally found the old Royal, after digging through the shed multiple times. Still needs a ribbon but it actually is typing better than before the move. Here it is:
RoyalThis is the first typewriter that I was given. I guess it started me on this madness.

Next up is the Remington. I bought this at Value Village. Still a great typer.
Remington Quite-riter

Last is the newest one. This is a 1951 Smith Corona. Picked this up for $10. It’s the only typewriter with Elite type that I’ve owned and may be my machine for Nanowrimo.

Chicken update

(I know you like these!) I was sitting around the trailer yesterday, listening to it rain. I heard this noise that sounded like a chick in distress. I thought it might be one of the little orphan chicks so I went outside. But as I got off the porch, the sound faded. So I went back on the porch and followed the sound. Moved a board out of the way under the trailer step and then moved out the foam stuffed down there for insulation. I saw a large pile of eggs and one very cold little chick. I picked him up and moved him inside to get warmed up. I thought, this just isn’t going to work. I’m not going be able to raise a single chick inside without a heat lamp. So I went back out and checked again. There was a buff on the nest. Chick and mama have been reunited. I hope that she wasn’t off the nest too long. I left it so that we can remove any eggs that don’t hatch. It just seems crazy, to have chicks this time of the year.

I’m getting more typewriters. I’m on a manual typewriter kick. I actually have three although one is buried in the shed. I’ve been typing on an old Remington and also picked up a 1951 Smith Corona Clipper. And it’s fun. I’d forgotten how much fun it is to bang on a keyboard that has levers. I’ve got two more typewriters I’ll pick up tomorrow, thanks to Freecycle. Low tech is so much fun.

The church website

I forgot to mention that I have a temporary site up for the church. I want to do something better looking but this works for now. The site is here.

chicken update

Didn’t mean to take so long too post. Must have been busy killing those spam comments. Anyway, in the last week, we’ve lost the Buff that had two chicks and the mama Rock. Really hated to lose that Rock. I’d see her out with all those chicks, some running between her legs and usually about three perched on her back. We suspect a coyote as both hens disappeared during the day. We have the chicks penned up (fortunately they have feathered out pretty well.) I will likely move them to a cage in the other trailer for a few more weeks.

We have wood heat of sorts. Jeffrey has closed in the porch front. He’s in the process of closing in the side next to the trailer. We’ll hang a door and will really be able to heat the trailer with wood. We’ve been using the wood cookstove all summer. It would be nice to put in another heater but even one is good. Jeffrey has this interesting wooden box above the stove that funnels warm air down into the window of the trailer below. It does make a difference. It can get in the way when you are cooking, so part of it can be swung up out of the way.

I’m going to participate in Nano this year. And I’ve joined the Typewriter Brigade so I’ll be typing at least part of my story. I’m planning to set my story in Stabler in the late 1940s. I’ve wanted to try this but somehow just wasn’t serious enough. This year I am. So next month will be very busy. I’ve also been sketching a bit. I want to start working with watercolors. I don’t pretend to be very good at this stuff. That’s okay. You have to start somewhere.