I wanted to do an update, as I managed to get a few decent pictures of Loretta awake. Can’t get a connection on my laptop here at work. So I’ll try to do that shortly.

In the meantime, I had a real shock today. They’ve set up a retirement fund for us at work, and the company is kicking in some money. I’ve not been able to add anything to it. When I checked it out, it showed roughly $59 that had been contributed by the company. I put it all in a fund for energy stocks, primarily oil. I checked it today and I have $154 in the account. Wow! It’s doing so well, that I think I just may have to have something taken out of my check. At some point, I’ll have to diversify it a bit. Guess it pays to spend time reading financial blogs.

I’ve been taking a strong look at the budget recently. We’ve just not been able to make it from one paycheck to the next and are getting killed with overdrafts. I’m considering getting rid of the goats. I’d hoped to have milk out of Lily this year, but just don’t know if I can afford the cost of hay much longer. Inertia has kept me from putting them up for sale. The other issue is that Jeffrey went through a bad week physically last week. I think he had the same flu bug that I had. It really concerns me when he’s not feeling well. I guess I’m just used to the way he was in the old days, where he was always overweight. He’s in great physical shape but thin. It’s easier on his joints but leads me to worry quite a bit.

The other issue that has come up recently has been titheing at church. We were trying to make a point, that we don’t want to attend a church where people are made uncomfortable if they can’t afford to tithe. It lead to someone trying to give us a bunch of groceries, in exchange for us taking the money and titheing. Not good. I guess it was given in good spirit, but she totally missed the point. I’m feeling pretty good about finances, although there’s no reason for it. I just feel like we can finally get things back in order, especially when we get the economic stimulus money. I guess we’ll just have to see if it helps or not. More than anything, I’d like to be able to afford to replace this car. It’s got more than 300,000 miles on it and I can’t expect it to last much longer.

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