Changes coming

I’m going to be moving both my sites to a blog only site. Will try and tweak things next week. I’m having to work on the ongoing church bylaws project this week.

But first, we have some animal updates, both good and bad. The bad is that we lost Helen the goat about two weeks ago. She managed to twist her rope enough to strangle. From what Jeffrey said, she’s done that in the past to try and get the hook to pop and turn loose. Didn’t work this time unfortunately and it happens early enough in the morning that we were too late to save her.

The good news is from today. We have chicks! We call the mother “Godzilla”. She’s a buff that decided to nest in the box over the goat’s hay rack. So this morning, Jeffrey walked in to find her very upset. When I got there, one chick fell out and managed to get over to mom. I helped the other one out and we moved them out to the goat’s outside shed. Jeffrey is going to come up with something better for them. Godzilla attacked one of the goat kids that got too close and chased him off. So I’m hoping that these two chicks come through okay. We have another hen setting who will likely hatch out more chicks, since the other hens have been able to lay in the same nest.

We think we are close to the goats finally kidding out. I’m set to start milking, thanks to my friend who had to sell off her goats. Still don’t have the garden started, but it’s just now warm enough to get serious. I’ll try to find time to blog a bit about the church stuff we have going. It’s really wonderful how everything is coming together.

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