Mexican Blackbird

That is what we’ve been calling the new truck. It has been very temperamental so far. We have a problem with the doors auto locking. It locked into Park the other day at Winco. We didn’t think we’d be able to get it home. It’s an electrical issue for sure. George is working on it this weekend. We have a Silverado with the same interior for parts.

1997 GMC Sierra Stepside

At some point, I think it will be a good rig for us. We can haul stuff with it. There’s room for Loretta. It is a good looking truck. It’s just frustrating trying to get all the little things fixed. (And the name for the truck is a ZZ Top song, in case you are wondering.)

I have been busy trying to build up some food storage. So far, I am trying to just build up the things we’d eat in the winter. And no, it’s not Paleo. I don’t see any way to really do Paleo and food storage. I do bread once a week, using that wild caught yeast. I am looking into getting another grain grinder. I still have my faithful Corona. But I would like to have an electric model too. I have been stashing bacon and ham hocks for beans this winter. I still have that big halibut frame to cook into stock. Got a nice book, The Urban Pantry, which has some tasty recipes. And I am also buying up some wheat. This will be an ongoing process and I hope next year I can do some canning. Time to get serious about this stuff. I do not want to be the person with nothing to eat if the food distribution system breaks down for some reason. It’s just smart to have a well stocked pantry.

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