New vehicle, eventually

The van is on its last legs. In fact, i couldn’t go to Black Sheep this year because of it. I’d pulled out some money to make sure that we could make the taxes, and wound up with enough to try and get another vehicle. Of course, it’s complicated. If you are looking at anything under $1000, you can be sure it has problems. Lon found this 1997 GMC Sierra stepside pickup. It has a rod knocking, so the engine needs to be rebuilt. He thought he had the perfect truck lined up for that. But it turned out to have a different engine. Then we found a 1997 Silverado with the right engine and a bad transmission. The interior is even the same color. So the engine is out of the Sierra, about to be pulled from the Silverado and then will be transplanted into the Sierra. We’ll keep the old engine for now. And the van is still on its last legs, so hope this all comes together soon.

We have another truck too. It’s a 1954 Ford 3/4 ton flatbed. It needs work but the engine is strong. I just love the thing because I think it would make a great housetruck. And I have always wanted a house truck. The problem is that the guy promised to get a title for us and has sort of flaked out. We’ll need to do a title in doubt to try and get one for it. We have time so might as well go for it. We can’t sell it anyway.

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