Onward towards Christmas!

The tree is still outside! I did send Christmas cards out, fortunately most won’t travel far. I think I have my Christmas shopping done. I have promised to bake massive quantities of cookies for Lon. We’ve been very good about sticking to the diet but this is Christmas! I finally got around to ordering something for him today, so it won’t make it here in time. Oh well.

We are having a work crew out at the property tomorrow to try and pull up the two sunken boats. We have to get this done. We’ve made very small progress on this, although we did have a diver hook cables to both and we have the front end of one boat lifted up. If we can move them up enough to beach them, we can start to take them apart.

I am going to be moving my sites over to new hosting. I’m taking a little time off work for the holidays so hope to have this done soon. The site will be down possibly during the transfer. I think it’s going to be a good deal and saves me some money.

I am also going to re-evaluate the sites and figure out how I want to use them. I like having Quinnscove as a picture site, although I am not great about updating the pictures.
This site and the spindlitis site need work. I’d like to experiment with daily blogging this year, if I can come up with interesting topics. More fun ahead!

Oh and cute kitteh picture:

Office kitteh

Office kitteh

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