One of my Facebook friends posted about having Thanksgiving all planned out and what a great holiday it is. I started to post a comment but decided to blog instead. Thanksgiving was always OUR holiday. Jeffrey’s birthday was the 24th, so it was usually a double celebration. He always cooked up a nice spread, with a turkey that he cooked and basted for hours. Sometimes we’d go to a friend’s place, but mostly we’d have Thanksgiving together. It was really hard that first Thanksgiving without him. I was very lucky that Ginger invited me over and I had a good time.

This year, I’m making the feast. We have several friends, single guys without a family to visit. It happens that they could use a place to celebrate. So I’m trying to decide what to make. Our big oven has a burned out element, so I really should replace it, if I’m planning something big. Quinn hasn’t committed to coming. So we’ll make what we can of it. It won’t be the holiday I used to have, but it can still be good.

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