Missing in action

I guess that would be me. We are in the process of putting in a small Waterford wood stove, that should give us something resembling heat plus the ability to bank a fire overnight. It’s even been moved into the porch. It’s just a question of setting up the stove pipe. I went into town yesterday and did a shop at Winco. Somehow, Christmas just means getting groceries to me. I picked up some Russian chocolates, which has been a nice change. We will be having Christmas goodies at the church tomorrow.

And speaking of that, some kid broke into the church, leaving a mess of glass that took four hours to clean up. The sheriff said it was a “mal-adjusted youth”. Don’t know why they would break in. We don’t have any money to steal.

I’ll be working on Christmas, so I’ll try to have pictures and a longer post then.

  1. I wish you would have stopped by on your trip to the big city for WinCo. We could have looked at my very pregnant does and shared some Christmas chocolate!

    Happy New Year

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