Chicken update

(I know you like these!) I was sitting around the trailer yesterday, listening to it rain. I heard this noise that sounded like a chick in distress. I thought it might be one of the little orphan chicks so I went outside. But as I got off the porch, the sound faded. So I went back on the porch and followed the sound. Moved a board out of the way under the trailer step and then moved out the foam stuffed down there for insulation. I saw a large pile of eggs and one very cold little chick. I picked him up and moved him inside to get warmed up. I thought, this just isn’t going to work. I’m not going be able to raise a single chick inside without a heat lamp. So I went back out and checked again. There was a buff on the nest. Chick and mama have been reunited. I hope that she wasn’t off the nest too long. I left it so that we can remove any eggs that don’t hatch. It just seems crazy, to have chicks this time of the year.

I’m getting more typewriters. I’m on a manual typewriter kick. I actually have three although one is buried in the shed. I’ve been typing on an old Remington and also picked up a 1951 Smith Corona Clipper. And it’s fun. I’d forgotten how much fun it is to bang on a keyboard that has levers. I’ve got two more typewriters I’ll pick up tomorrow, thanks to Freecycle. Low tech is so much fun.

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