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So, as always, it’s been really busy around here. I’ve been using Ubuntu mostly on my laptop (it’s dual boot). I like the fact that I don’t have to worry about viruses. And I like messing around with Linux. I’ve been using Ubuntu through several versions. It seems that about every other version has issues. I’ve had to spend a bit of time trying to sort out all these issues and get things up and working again. I loved the latest update but it broke things again. I read through the forum and discovered that some folks were starting to get fed up too. So I started looking around for a different distro. I tried a few and then found Open SUSE. I’ve always like Novell, so thought I’d try the live CD. I was amazed at how fast it was. It seemed like a regular operating system, not just a collection of various programs. I wiped the disk, after making a backup and installed it. I’m very impressed. I love using it.

My boyfriend has been having issues with the desktop. It’s been running slow, even though I can’t find anything wrong with it. I think that it’s just the anti-virus program slowing things down. I popped the live CD into the desktop and booted it up. It worked fine, faster running from the CD than Windows runs from the hard drive. And he liked using it, didn’t really notice the difference. This weekend, I’m going to turn the desktop into a dual boot machine. He can use Linux for most of the things he does, but will still have Windows for those few things he can’t do in Linux.

I have some recent pictures of the river that I’ll be uploading in a day or so. The river is very low and we are trying to get ready to lift up a sunken boat.

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