So we had our Messabout, our wooden boat festival. It was a bit of a bust, due to the cloudy weather. The river was way up, so the guys couldn’t camp on the beach. We did have a nice potluck, but I didn’t get any pictures this time. We are talking about doing it again in August, but can’t agree on a date just yet.

We went to Aberdeen this weekend. Still trying to figure out a way to get the boat back home. It’s another Chris-Craft, this one about 26 feet long. We have boat trailers, but nothing quite the right size. It will need work, of course. We have just a couple more weeks to pull this off, as the owner needs the garage space. We have plans to go to the ocean on Fourth of July weekend. I think the weather is going to be cloudy again, so maybe it won’t be too cloudy. We went out there last Fourth as the kids had other plans. We’ll be meeting Lon’s sister there this year. Quinn is off to Seattle, to visit a friend. So many changes this year and there’s a lot still to come.

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