It’s a wonderful world

It’s one of those times of change, where the door to the old life closes and I move forward. I’ve been hired at a new job. I will be working for Netflix. I think it’s going to be fabulous and I am truly looking forward to it. It means that I am almost done with the Gorge. I will miss some of my co-workers at the old job. With three years there, I can see that it is going nowhere. And the hour and a half commute is just too much. I have really had so many changes since October. Most have been good ones. I am really looking forward to this one.

Boat projects continue. The boyfriend bought a boat trailer to haul his new project boat over from Aberdeen. I suspect we will be doing that soon. First, we will have his 87 year old mother down for a week. I’ll be working during the week, so he has a friend coming over to help. I do have that weekend off. Then the new job starts and I have a few things in the works for September, including Oregon Flock and Fiber. I am going to get back into knitting and want to do some lace projects soon. Fall always does that to me.

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