Monthly Archives: February 2017


I have just gotten terrible about blogging. I hate to give it up though. So let’s see, we have removed the dock and are waiting for the bill from DNR. My big boat is in limbo, somewhere hidden out on the river. I have no idea what we are going to do with it. We sold the sailboat and wound up with it back again, also hidden out on the river. We still haven’t moved out, although we are certainly ready to go. I have not being doing well with my breathing. I ordered some prednisone from an online pharmacy, so I might finally be able to get something done. It is so frustrating to spend my time sitting or coughing. I need to line up a new pulmonologist. I missed the latest staff meeting due to a medical emergency. Got a bunch of pills stuck in my throat and wound up in the ER. We have been feuding with the mail carrier and have had to replace the mailbox and post. Honestly, we are so sick of dealing with bureaucrats.

But our silly springer still keeps us laughing. Folks have been understanding at work. I manage to do the job. We are getting rid of some stuff, even if we still haven’t been moving out. I think we are closer and I think things will really start to happen once we get unstuck. We’ve been looking at places to buy, which motivates us to work on this house. Just waiting for spring.