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Hope your Thanksgiving went well

I didn’t do too badly, considering that the big oven doesn’t work on the stove. (I have a dual oven stove, but the top oven can do cookies and not a lot more.) Lon had one of those big electric roasters that I keep threatening to throw out, so I used that. We picked up an extra turkey while they were on sale. I did not make my own pies and did manage to get a decent dinner done.

Still sort of in limbo on the river place. Lon has made a lot of progress in cleaning up the house. We will start moving things down to the river soon. We have help to get the place ready to sell. Really want to get it on the market soon. The weather change has affected my breathing again and I’ve had to use prednisone a couple of times. I’m trying to keep the sessions short. I don’t seem to be triggered as much, so I think my immune system is in better shape. I just want to be able to do more.

I picked up a couple of 7″ Kindle Fires during the sales. They were $34 and I thought they would be worth trying. I like it better than the Paperwhite, which surprises me. I find it easier to read. And, I have been reading some books on sketching and watercolors from Kindle Unlimited, so having a color display is great. Will probably hang onto the Paperwhite for awhile longer. Both Lon and I tend to read things on our phones when we are in the living room. I thought they might make a good replacement for that. I use Amazon a lot, so I’m okay with making it easier to shop with them. We might use the Amazon Video feature for a change.

We don’t seem to do a lot for Christmas, although I try and bake cookies. Don’t have any real plans and will likely just get a few small things for us. The focus is on getting the house on the market and getting moved. This should be our last Christmas at the house.


Sorry for the long absence

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We have been busy. The dock has been mostly removed. The Aqua Home has been moved. Things did not pan out the way we thought they would. We have DNR out surveying the place this week. So just remains to be seen what happens next. We are starting to get the trailer ready to live in. We still intend to sell the house. We may be able to move quickly as we have lined up some folks to help with all of that.

I’m happy about the election. It’s going to be hard to make changes in the country, but there’s a possibility that we can still do it. I’m tired of people that piss and moan when they don’t get their way. And, having dealt with the Eco-Nazis in this state, it is about time that we put limits onto what they can do. Property owners do have rights. Allowing unelected bureaucrats power over them is a recipe for disaster.

Nothing new with the animals. Jake has discovered another hole in the fence. Lon woke me up at 3 in the morning to find him. We did and now we have him on lead when he’s in the yard. It’s not our fence and there’s only so much we can do to repair it.