Monthly Archives: June 2016

Another issue with digital

I bought a Kindle Paperwhite at Christmas. I’ve looked at Kindles over the years and have considered getting one. I have some cookbooks in Kindle format that I’ve used my phone to view. And Amazon offered the Kindle on payments. So despite some doubts, I picked one up. It’s a decent device for the price. It’s lightweight and you can adjust the font. It works out pretty well for using a recipe while cooking.

But there has been something that I didn’t like about it and it finally dawned on me what that is. Books on the Kindle never age. You never find pictures or other items tucked in one. There’s no character to a book you read on the Kindle. I am someone that started reading at an early age and I have read a lot of books in my life. It’s just not as satisfying as a physical book. Plus you have to charge it and you have to rely on Amazon continuing to make the book accessible.

I don’t think I’ll get rid of it. I can always use it for cookbooks! I have started to shift focus towards buying hard bound copies of books I really love and getting rid of some of the old paperbacks that I haven’t read in years. I do not read as much now as I did when I was younger. I can buy for quality versus quantity. And who knows what I’ll find in that used book!

We just might….

finally move to the river. I am reluctant to put a lot of energy in this, but it does look like some things are starting to come together. If we could get this house sold, it would be a huge blessing. It’s a comfortable house and it has a lot of memories for Lon. But we just can’t afford two places. And we need to put some money into the place at the river, should we decide to sell it. So, we will see how this goes.

Have been doing a lot of knitting.Have been busy at work. We lost the prodigal cat, Oblio, this year. At least he died at home and not out on the streets. Not a lot of changes otherwise.