Monthly Archives: December 2015

All Right, all ready!

Okay, so I have been terrible at updating my blog. Hey, I still haven’t sent sent stuff off to my aunt yet and that’s been ready for a couple of months! Just the usual busyness. I took a week off in October with many plans and did nothing. Had a nice Thanksgiving, just for the two of us. Still need to get moved and have not made much progress there. Jake is still a crazy dog and we are trying to get him to settle down. Love him to pieces, but he just doesn’t listen.

We had a nice dry spell and now are catching up on the rain. Picture of it at the river. I’m told it’s much higher today.


2015-12-07 13.11.24We both have new computers from Free Geek. Lon has a Dell Desktop and I have an older Thinkpad. Running Linux Mint on both. The Mac has some power issues. And, to be honest, I’m tired of old Macs. Have used them for a long time, but I’m just done. I can run most of the Windows programs I need in Crossover. And it’s nice to have a modern browser again. Lon’s computer was just junk. I’d replaced the motherboard, but it was problematic. I have to run KDE desktop on it, but it’s definitely better than what he had. Some days, I just get tired of messing around with this stuff. I want a garden this year.

Will try and update before the holidays hit and that’s not far off!