Monthly Archives: October 2015

New stove

Lon found this on Craigslist several weeks ago. I just wasn’t sure about it, because I have bad memories of moving a heavy propane/trash burner stove into the school bus many years ago. I reconsidered and we bought it today. It’s a Monarch dual wood/coal and electric. The folks we got it from had gotten it when their neighbor died. She’d raised five kids there but the stove had been in the garage a long time. 

The firebox is heavy and in good shape. It needs to be cleaned and the electric part may need work. Quinn came down today and helped us unload it. And it wasn’t bad at all. It was loaded on piano dollies using a tractor to lift it into the truck. We backed up to the porch at the river and put a piece of plywood on the tailgate as a ramp. I pushed from the back and Quinn pulled from the front.