Monthly Archives: August 2015

New treadle!

This is a Wheeler and Wilson, Number 9. Got it from a lady that picked it up when her neighbor moved. It’s in nice shape and will sew. The coffin top needs a little work. She thought this is from 1888 or 1889. It’s hard to date these models. The decals are there but faint. I’ll have to shuffle the machines and move it inside today. 


I have been messing around with Field Notes. I like the product. The quality is good and I am a fan of vintage style notebooks. I especially like the Ambition series and picked up several. 

But I am returning to my Moleskines. Yes the quality has gone down (although the new ones seem to be made in Vietnam). Yes, they are probably overpriced. I just haven’t found anything that works as well for me. They hold up better. I have been using an old Reporter. I used it for a year but still had a lot of unused pages. And I have a small Evernote Moleskine that was barely used. I’m using those to finish out this year. I have a new Reporter for next year and a larger Classic style that I want to use as a knitting journal. I get tired of digital stuff. 

I don’t have a terribly interesting life but I do want to leave a record. I’ll have to see how this goes. I always love my new system when I start.