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On the river

the river

on the river

Loretta scratching


Spent most of Sunday at the river. It’s nice to have the kids there. Very nice weather and I did some knitting outside. We are cleaning up the old bird room, so I am trying to stay out of the house when the clean up is being done. After washing down the walls, we’re going to do some painting. It should help. I am feeling better after this last round of prednisone and am planning to cancel the bronoscopy my pulmonologist wants. If it means I have to go with another specialist, I will. The only bad thing Sunday was that Loretta knee-capped me while trying to get away from the puppy. I went down and banged up my foot a bit. It’s okay today, but I wish that I’d known she was behind me.

What a week!

Quinn and Shanna have been down all week. They are getting a temporary spot set up, to move down to the river. Shanna plans to go back to school at Clark. We’ve made a couple of trips to the Rebuild it center for windows.

As part of the move, we needed to get George and his girlfriend moved out. George made an agreement to pay the electric bill and to stay in his own trailer. It’s what we agreed on and he violated those both. He’s also been agressive and abusive, when we’ve talked to him about it. The cops made it easy for us, as they were in the process of tracking him down. George winds up in jail because he won’t follow through on the conditions of his release. And so he is back in jail. His girlfriend is in jail, because she told the cops he wasn’t in the trailer. They told her they wold take her in if she was lying and so they did.

Quinn and Shanna are starting to settle in. It’s nice to have Quinn’s friends down there again. It’s extremely nice to think of the Wells family using our own property for a change. You have no idea how frustrating it is to have a nice place on the river, scramble every year to pay the property taxes, then come out and see a bunch of people you don’t know enjoying themselves on your property. It will be nice to clean it up and use it ourselves.

I have been sick the last few weeks and we are trying to do a major house cleaning. Lon wants to paint the old bird room and move most of the things out of the office into that room. I’d like to see better use of it, as I like the French doors. It’s just not a room I’ll feel safe going into without a respirator. I have a sweater that I started from yarn stored in the office. I washed most of the yarn, but started out with a couple of unwashed hanks. I started getting a reaction to it and had to wash my work in progress. Of course, that meant that I ordered more yarn and started a new project.

I have sick kitties. Fanny has an upper respiratory infection. I am treating that and I think Oblio is getting it too. I hope Fanny gets better soon. She looks so pitiful like this.



Here we have a Palm III, Zire 71, Tungsten E2, and a Tungsten C. They all work, although the Palm III doesn’t stay on. I bought the Zire new. The others were thrift store finds. Each one cost several hundred dollars new. Each one is obsolete, even though it still functions. And the purpose of the post is to remind you of this, when you go out to get the latest and greatest computer, phone, tablet, etc.

Back in the day, when we were playing around with our PDAs, there were a couple of analog GTD systems. There were Hipster PDAs, made of index cards, and the PigPog method, which used a Moleskine. And of course, the DIY planner series was another analog system. Are the analog systems obsolete? Did people have to throw out their index cards, planners or Moleskines because they couldn’t sync with their computer or couldn’t upgrade their system? It’s a silly question, but no. Companies deliberately make our electronics obsolete.

I still enjoy these Palms. I liked the operating system the first time I saw it. The Zire has a slider to hide the camera and it was fun to take sneaky snapshots. And I like my iPhone 4S, even though Apple prevents me from syncing it with my old Power PC Mac. Gotta encourage those upgrades, you know. I stopped trusting electronic systems, when Jeffrey got sick and my charging stuff was back at work. An uncharged Palm is a brick. You can’t access it when it’s down and all that information was locked away in it. My iPhone is no different. Think about this, when you consider buying the latest gadget.

New Renoir

This is the latest broach. I’d like to have the gold version, but I think I have enough broaches for now. I did pick up a bracelet, and will post pictures when I get it. It’s always hard to tell yourself that you have enough.

Latest broach

We have a functioning truck again. Picked up a rebuilt tranny and had it put in. Seems to work okay and it’s very nice to have reverse again. Now all we have to do is get past the property taxes.

Quinn is planning to move down, so we are trying to get things cleared out at the river. Will be nice to have him nearby.