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This is a new obsession. The company was originally called Renoir and made copper jewelry in the 50s. They added some enameled pieces and called that company Matisse. It has a modern look to it and I can’t say that I like everything they made. But…I do like most of the brooches!  Here’s my collection so far, and I picked up two more this week. I know they are not spindles, but they make great shawl pins. And I’ve worn the green leaf on my new red sweater. (The sweater is not quite ready for a prime time picture.)



Second shot

And there are sewing machines. Since I took pictures of these last week, I’ll post them here too. Am still working on the Singers.

This was one of Lon’s machines. It came through the fire, and was missing an electric cord. I have that, but it’s got tension issues. I’m going to have this one tuned up.
Singer 401A

This is a machine I rescued. It was missing the presser foot and needle holder. I pulled that off my other machine. It seems to work okay.
Singer 99K

And this is my Viking. I have been doing some light sewing. I want to set this up and start sewing for a bit every day. I have some projects in mind.
Viking 6430

Another old cat gone

This time, it’s Chuck. I got Chuck before Petey. I’d had a cat I really loved killed by a car. Jeffrey was at the gas station and they offered him  a kitten. And so I wound up with Chuck. He was always problematic. He peed on things and I couldn’t break him of it. When we moved into the Silver Streak, he started peeing on Jeffrey’s bed. Couldn’t bear to have him put down, so we exiled him to the unheated travel trailer, with the cockatiel. We had them separated by a screen and they did fine while we were there. I tried having him in the house for a long time here, but he continued to be a problem. It started to cause too much friction between me and Lon. I wanted Chuck to be over in the shed, but Lon was sure he’d be okay outside. And he was, for awhile. For whatever reason, he wound up in the front part of the property and was out on the road last night. He couldn’t hear well and as an inside cat, just wasn’t aware of cars.


chuck chuck1

Groundhog Day Resolutions

One of my favorite new blogs does her resolutions on Groundhog Day. I thought it was a great idea!  So here are my fiber resolutions (which I’m going to cross post over on Spinditis.)

  • Knit three cardigans. At least one will be done from handspun
  • Buy yarn only for specific projects. The only exemption is sock yarn.
  • Sew at least three new skirts and tops.
  • Make at least three new pairs of socks.
  • Sell off some knitting books/magazines
  • Use or give away yarn and fiber stash
  • Design one sweater and one shawl
  • Make as much food as possible from scratch
  • Start an herb garden.
  • Do more dyeing.

I want to work in color this year. I love my natural colored fleeces, but I feel the need for more color. I also want to work more intentionally this year. I want to knit sweaters to go with clothes that I make. I don’t know how many more years I will be able to knit and spin. Best to start working with an end in mind.