Monthly Archives: January 2015

This is where we find out who reads my blog!

Lon and I are getting married at the Solstice this year. We normally have our Messabout at Quinn’s Cove during the solstice, but it’s been hit or miss the last few years. Quinn has promised to work on the dock and get everything in order. It won’t be a big or fancy wedding. So there you go!

The year of long skirts

I have been wearing long skirts for a full year now. (I did wear pants a few times when they seemed appropriate.) I am going to continue wearing my long skirts. There are a number of benefits.

  • Warmer in cool weather. It works like mittens versus gloves. Mittens are warmer because  your fingers are all together. Having your legs under two layers of material is warmer than wearing jeans.
  • No more “sausage” effect. When I wear jeans now, I always feel like I”m squeezed into them. These skirts are kinder to full figures. (And I’m talking about the Folkwear Walking skirt here. It has a flat gored front and light gathers in the back. And it’s cut for your true waistline – shorter in front and longer in back.)
  • Comfort. This skirt is comfortable. It’s cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It’s not restrictive, although I have to adjust it when I get into the truck.
  • Simple construction. I can make these out of cotton material and it’s easy to sew.
  • Elegance. I think I look dressier than I would in pants.
  • Different reaction in public. When I wear skirts, people react differently. When we went to the dump, I got help from the workers in emptying it. People assume that I will respond favorably to help and I do. You may not need it if you are younger, but I have limits on my endurance and what I can lift these days.


  • It’s harder to climb a ladder.
  • I have to lift the skirt going up stairs.

I have worn my long skirts when digging, so it doesn’t limit me there. It’s just become the way I dress now. I have material for a flannel petticoat and for another long skirt. And I still have plans for making that Gibson Girl blouse. My first two skirts have been worn to pieces. They are getting stains and tears. It’s time to retire them and make something new.

Lon’s new look

Lon has been talking about shaving his head for several months. Guess he got tired of asking me to cut it. He finally did it on New Years Day.


He went to a local barber today to have it all smoothed out. He says he doesn’t want to do it again but is glad he did it once.