Monthly Archives: May 2014

Down at the river

So we are focused on the river again. We are still trying to pull together tax money, somehow. We have to have it paid on both places by the end of June. Once again, we are trying to sell off enough stuff to pull this off. The good news is that I convinced Lon to switch to Directv (instead of the $90 a month Comcast charged) and we switched to a different cell phone plan. We still have Quinn’s ex-girlfriend on the plan, but she pays her own way. Comcast jacked up the price of the internet service, but told me I could call in after a month and try to reduce it. The internet service is good, but I do dislike Comcast. I think we went through five DVRs in the time we were with them. If you have standard def tv, they give you these old wornout DVRs. Directv gives you a new one. And Lon really likes to watch You Tube videos on the tv.

The next thing, once the taxes are done, is to start physically moving to the river. The place is run down, but it’s clean again. It will need work, especially before winter. But, when we are there, we will be able to rent out the house. That will help us finally get ahead of the taxes and give us some breathing room. It also means less mischief at the river. I have had so many things stolen or ruined.

Did not have any comments at work on my skirt other than a woman co-worker saying I looked pretty. I have two training sessions coming up, so I’ve got to finish up those skirts this weekend. It’s time for some new things anyway. We will likely be headed to Tacoma on Memorial Day.

Let’s see. I have another G5 Mac, an all in one this time. We had a power outage that blew out the video card. I didn’t know how badly it was damaged and my only other computer is that G4 ibook. It’s just not trustworthy. The new Mac led me to a Mac repairguy that keeps old Macs running. He’ll be a good resource. I was able to just replace the video card and get my original G5 going again. I’m going to use it as a server for now and can use it for work if needed.

I still don’t know if I’ll get a garden in this ¬†year. I am going to try and use that raised bed at the river and plant a few things. Just gotta clear out the weeds and plant. That will be another bonus about the move. I can garden there and we will probably put in goats again. And I will not be in the same living space with the parrots, so my lungs might actually heal up. Loretta loves it down there.