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I have a minor dilemma next week. I have to go to the office. I’ve been wearing my skirts long enough that I don’t feel that comfortable in pants any more. But, that’s what I used to wear to work. And since I’ve been taking a round of steroids again, I’ve gained weight. I’m trying to work up the courage to wear what I normally wear. I have some new tops. I’d like to finish those skirts I cut out. This isn’t something I should hesitate about, but we’re talking about the geek world here. I have a few days to think it over.

The skirt project

I’d originally considered making a big deal out of the skirt project, sort of like those dress a day type blogs. I just wanted to see how I’d feel about wearing skirts full time, after a lifetime of wearing jeans. I think I’m confortable enough with it that I won’t be changing back. I look better in these skirts. They are not expensive to make and are actually a pretty quick sew. If I were wearing jeans, I would feel squeezed into them. The Prednisone tends to make me gain weight, so it’s a constant battle. Lon likes my skirts and I’m comfortable. I have two new skirts cut out. I’ll probably make a couple of wool skirts for winter use, with flannel petticoats. And as a side bonus, men don’t seem to be afraid to be polite. I like that. I’ve even worn my long skirt out to do battle with the blackberries. They snag the skirt just like they do my jeans.

We’ve actually been making a few changes around here and that’s been nice. We cut back on the cell phone plan again. We are getting rid of Comcast TV today. It’s $90 a month just for TV with them. And it’s crap. If it were up to me, we’d forego the tv, but we’re putting in Directv instead. It will save us money in the long run. I’ll keep Comcast for the internet.

I’m sure that everyone is looking for ways to save. Food prices keep climbing. I intend to buy some bulk foods to store this summer. I also want to dry more veggies. I have two food dryers, so I could really put some food away. Lon has been learning how to make hard cider and branching out to making ginger ale. If I can kill off enough blackberries, I will put in some sort of garden this year. I have blueberry bushes to plant and my grapevine made it through the winter. I think I’ll plant all that out back. I don’t know if I will be replacing these chickens. For now, they are laying like crazy. I’m down to 7 and we still have eggs everywhere. I’m taking some time off around Memorial Day. I might follow in a friend’s footsteps and make some egg noodles for storage. It’s a good way to put up extra eggs. I have two noodle maker machines around here and they could be dried in the food dryers.

We are probably going to have to forget about Paleo for now. I’m going to try and keep feeding us more veggies and cut back on carbs. It is just too expensive for us to eat like that. I think we can do okay if we are careful and keep portions small. We typically split a sandwich between us and use salad plates for dinner. I’ll try and keep Nourishing Traditions in mind when I’m making meals. I have halibut scraps cooking in the slow cooker. They were on sale at Chuck’s Produce and I think they’ll make a nice chowder.

Depoe Bay Wooden Boat show is this weekend. It looks like we’ll be going. If not, we’ll be eating tabbouli for awhile!


Cute kitty picture. She tends to do this at night for some reason:

Fanny on her bum