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I find sites like this entertaining: Project 333. They function in the same way that Paleo helps you lose weight. You artificially limit your choices. I told Lon about this site. And 33 items seems extravagant to me! Lon typically gets used jeans from Ebay and wears them out. He’s usually alternating between two different shirts and will wear one pair of pants until they are shot. (Yes, they do get washed!) I have been wearing long skirts. I’ve been using the Folkwear Walking Skirt pattern, and I love it. So, I have two skirts and one petticoat. I have several knit tops that I wear, maybe five total. It’s about time to get some new tops and I have the Folkwear Gibson Girl Blouse pattern to make up. Both of us have clothes in the closet that we don’t wear. I will probably do a closet purge this month and get rid of some things that just don’t suit me. I have material for a couple more skirts, so have plans to do some sewing.

I’ve usually had limited closet space, so I try to get rid of things I’m not using. I have a pair of silk trousers that I will keep, in case I need something dressy. What’s the point of keeping something that you can’t wear any more? It just makes you feel bad about yourself. Styles change and you probably won’t want to wear it again any way. I don’t know if I’ll want to wear jeans again, but I do find that I am enjoying my long skirts. Maybe it’s time to shake up your wardrobe too, especially with spring on the way.

Woe is me

I just have not had a lot to say lately. Christmas was okay, although I still have not been able to put up any decorations. We are trying to get back on Paleo. I’ve had another minor brush with Bird Fancier’s. I think the problem comes when the house gets shut up. We try and open windows for a little while every day, but it’s just not the same as having it open during warmer weather.

We had a problem with the Aqua Home. The back part sank, probably when the boat was being pumped out. It’s floating again and work continues to get it running. The engines have been turned over, so they should work. We just don’t have a lot of energy to devote to it. I hope that improves as we move into spring.

We had some actual snow over the weekend.
Loretta in snow

front yard

Life is starting to get back to normal and hopefully, I won’t be a stranger this long again.