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I’ve been on Delicious since 2004. 2004 is a lifetime on the internet! I have 3500+ bookmarks there. The internet has always been a fluid place and sites come and go. It seems to me that I am seeing more dead blogs than normal this year. I wish someone would look into it. Is it that people burn out? Do they find it easier to do a quick Tweet or write something in Facebook? Have we moved to all picture blogs, like you’d find on Tumblr? I just don’t know. Blogging is an odd thing. You write for yourself, with the understanding that people out there may actually read it. I always think about that when I comment on someone else’s blog, especially if I’m commenting on an old post. When I find an interesting blog, I sometimes read all of it, starting with the new stuff and working my way back. That’s a different viewpoint, to be sure.

I will be paying my webhosting for another year. I sometimes think about giving up one of my blogs. Quinn’s Cove is the one most in danger. We don’t go down to the river that much these days. (Remember when I said we were moving down there? Looks like another false alarm.) I think, in some ways, we are really starting to dis-engage from there. I’d like to see it sold. It’s a lovely place, but it’s pretty pointless to have river front property when the state won’t let you have a dock. Just think, people that don’t own property there can have boats, even houseboats. We can’t. Yet another reason why I’d like to leave this state.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. It will be a meal for just the two of us. I have the turkey thawing out in brine. I put on yams for tonight’s dinner. These are huge yams! I could eat yams every day of the week and I don’t put anything on them but butter.  I will make cranberry relish, with orange, and start a sponge for rolls. Those will be baked tomorrow. We’ll have gravy and mashed potatoes. If I remember it (and I think I’d better get those on now) I have a couple of small pumpkins to use for pie. It will be a feast, a little non-Paleo, and we will give thanks for the blessings we have.

It’s cold today….

Office Window

It’s cold today. You can tell because there is sunlight coming through the office window. It’s below freezing, but not that bad during the day. The heater doesn’t work here in the office and so….

2013-11-22 12.01.47
the office cat sits on my lap and is bundled up. She seems to always be cold. She’ll get on my lap in the morning and stay there until I make her come out with me during my lunch break.


And there are projects:

I have been carding some fiber. It’s nice stuff, but all of it is fiber that I find boring to spin. I’m hoping that it will be more fun when it’s combined. I have a bit more of it left to blend.

Not a lot of news here on the home front. We are trying to clean up the front yard, so have been hauling leaves to the dump. Yes, it would be nice to compost them, but I just am not set up for it. If we do not move to the river this year (and it’s starting to look that way) I am going to put in a garden this spring. I am tired of putting everything on hold for this imaginary move that never seems to happen. Oh, and we are trying to strike a deal with some folks to get the Aqua Home ready to sell. We will probably lose the dock and have no place for it. And, we’ll need the money for taxes, as always.