Monthly Archives: October 2013

Five years

October 13th will be the five year anniversary of Jeffrey’s death. The 12th is the five year anniversary of Kate’s death, Lon’s wife. We are planning to do something to commemorate the anniversaries. It might be a trip up the Gorge, to the High Bridge, where I released his ashes. (Lon still has Kate’s ashes, so am not sure how we’ll commemorate that.)  I do catch myself at odd moments since the 1st, thinking back to those days and wondering if I could ever have imagined myself here in this place five years later. It was hard dealing with that first year and seemed so strange that I had two times when I felt disassociated. You always read about people that have those out of body experiences, but that’s the only time I’ve had that happen. At any rate, it will be a time for us to remember the loss of those two special people. We do have a happy life together now and a major part of that has been the shared experience of losing our spouses.


I haven’t posted here since August? Well, I guess most of the activity has been spinning. I went to Oregon Flock and Fiber but most of the action was at an alpaca farm, where I picked up a couple more Jenkins turkish spindles. I do have a few high whorl projects going, but most of my spinning right now is on turks. More about that over on Spindlitis.

I have wanted to do the Folkwear Walking Skirt for years. I finally managed to pick up the pattern and after several weeks, actually finished it. It is a brilliant pattern. The back is longer, so it hems up correctly. The front is flat. It fits well, even in the large sizes. And it is so comfortable. I am planning to do another one this weekend. I will also be tackling the Edwardian Underthings, as I need a petticoat with this skirt. In other sewing news, I sold my commercial sewing machine. I liked having it but realistically, I don’t have enough projects to justify it.

Lon picked up a lathe. We both like it. He was using it outside, then had to move it into the garage when the rain set in. He now has to clear out a trail in the garage to get to it. I think he has his support spindle design down. I’m just waiting to do the testing.

We’ve still not moved to the river. We have friends staying there to keep an eye on the place, which has helped. But it does not look like that is going to work out. I’d like to get in and weatherize the place. If it was up to me, we’d be done with the move long ago.

And, we had to put down Louie. He was such a sweet cat. His kidneys failed and there just wasn’t much else we could do.

Louie belonged to Jack Denne, one of the church members up in Stabler. When he passed on, Jeffrey and I took care of him and his brother at the Denne place. I wound up with both of them. The brother. Max, had to become an outside cat. Louie would do anything for attention. Unfortunately, I have two more cats that are in ill health. One of them, Pete, is another very special cat. It’s too bad that we lost our furry buddies, but that’s the way that it goes.