Monthly Archives: July 2013


And I still haven’t posted those pictures from Black Sheep yet! I have finished Tour de Fleece for my first year, so I have been spinning almost daily. I’ve been carding a lot of wool too. I am still trying to sort out where to store all the fiber I’ve been going through. It’s been fairly hectic. I’ve had very little desire to can or garden this year. The back yard is a terrible mess. But I am feeling better. I talked with my doctor today and he said that we really are making progress. I feel more like normal. I have gained a lot of weight back, so I need to work on getting that in check. And I feel like it will be fall any day now.

Lon has been enjoying his lessons on wood turning. We have picked up a cheap lathe and are in the process of clearing out a place for him to work. We have been talking for years about setting up a small business. We are not that far off from retirement. At some point, I will not want to deal with supporting the latest version of Windows. I will want something else. So we are trying to sort out a few things that we can make that can be sold. Of course, if we have a lathe, I want spindles! Am looking forward to that part.

I do wish that we could make up our minds about whether or not we are moving to the river. It would be advantageous financially, as we could rent out this house. The trailer at the river is looking better than it has for years, but it is still a rundown double wide. The house is much nicer. We have talked about this for years and are no closer to moving than before. Change is always hard.