Monthly Archives: April 2013

Here’s a picture….

This is a picture I worked on, using Skitch.


I haven’t done a post in a long time about how I’m working digitally so I’ll add a couple more notes. I’m using two programs for personal finance. Balance is a check register. I’ve tried a lot of the more complicated programs like Mint, Pageonce, and Adaptu. I like just having this simple register for a running total. I also use Wally. Wally tracks daily spending based on category. You can scan receipts and it can also tag geo locations. It has one of the best interfaces I’ve seen in an app. I’m not budgeting just tracking. Evernote is where I’m keeping my digital stuff. I also have files in Dropbox and Ubuntu One. (The later is less useful since I stopped using Ubuntu. I use Crunch Bang Linux on the laptop now.). I am going to scan more things into Evernote. I especially need medical receipts for tax purposes. I picked up an Evernote Moleskine with three free months of Evernote Premium. I’ll probably keep paying for premium when I use that up. I also did Remember the Milk Premium. I’m not sure why I disliked it in the past but it seems like a good match for me now. I think it’s the iPhone app. I’ve been using Life Balance but the iPhone app just isn’t as good as the old Palm program was. I use the iPhone calendar app, saved to my Google Calendar for appointments.

If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you’ll know that I enjoy messing around with organizational systems. Putting this together has been fun.

Latest stuff

So the latest is that I’m doing much better on the meds. I saw my doctor yesterday and he is going to taper me off the steroids. The real test will be to see how I do once I’m off them. I’ll go in for another chest x-ray in 3 weeks. I am actually able to work on the house now and am finally getting things cleaned up. If my chest x-ray looks good, it will mean that the air filters are doing a good enough job that we don’t have to get rid of the birds, as long as Lon doesn’t come down with this. We are still trying to get air filters for the garage and bird room.

I picked up an ebook called “Paperless Home Management”. It’s fantastic! She uses Gmail, Evernote, and Remember the Milk to track everything in her life. I set up the system on my phone yesterday. I was trying to use the FlyLady routines to clean the house, when I got sick. It’s so nice to have them set up and actually be able to DO them. I also want to clean up the yard and get some sort of garden going. I used an app called Skitch, that saves stuff in Evernote. I took pictures of the front yard this morning and made notes of what I’d like to change. It really helps to look at this from a detached viewpoint.

Other than that, nothing really new. We still have a ton of work to do down at the river. I just wish we could be done with it. If it were up to me, I’d move out of this area all together. But it’s not my call. I at least want to make the house more comfortable. I’ve spent too long putting that on hold, figuring that we’d move to the river. I’m tired of waiting for something that doesn’t seem to happen. I want to work on where I live now.