Monthly Archives: October 2012

Another Paleo post

I used to be intimidated by making mayo. Two things changed that: I got an immersible blender and I found the olive oil mayo recipe from Well Fed. This is so simple that anyone can make mayo. Just look–



I know you are wondering why you would do this. Basically you have mayo that does not use seed oils and does not have sugar. It tastes great too. You can use this for salad dressings and sauces. I like to make a pork and Chinese cabbage stir fry and add mayo with a little coarse ground mustard added.

Ever get the urge to wear different colors?

My usual color palette is grapey purple, dusty green and burgundy. I just love those colors. Most of the clothes I’ve been wearing this summer are based around black, red and white. I seem to have a strong urge right now to go with classic fall colors. I’ve got a nice felted hat in orange. I’m drawn to more orange and gold colors. I just seem to be sensitive to color.

Life goes on. I enjoyed the Presidential debates last night and am looking forward to the VP debates. I am hopeful about the election and I want to see real change in the country, not just another four years of this same old crap. If you can’t lead, get out of the way of those that can. We are still making plans for the river place. It remains to be seen what will happen there long term. I get so tired of the leadership of this county and state. There are days when I would like to be able to live somewhere else, just to get away from it.