Monthly Archives: April 2012

Office stuff

I picked this up about a month ago. It’s an old expandable file.




iPhone apps

Well, I’m still happy with my iphone and still glad I went with the 3GS instead of the 4. One of the things I have discovered are apps that have beautiful interfaces and aren’t terribly useful. For example, I installed Audium, which is a music player. It looks great, but it doesn’t display most of my album covers to pick from. (And I understand there are reasons for this, but still..) I have Meernotes, Readability and Egretlist. I used to have Diacarta installed too. They look wonderful, but all are limited in functionality. By contrast, Life Balance looks like it has forever, but the backend is still a miracle. I guess, out of all the cool apps, Flipboard is the one that seems to deliver the most. The downside is that it doesn’t do landscape view. I guess you can’t have everything.

I have now tried Android (Lon), Windows (Quinn) and iOS (mine). For ease of use, I do think that the iPhone is much easier to use. The version of Android on Lon’s phone is really awful. I’m just not sure if I can convince him to use a touch screen phone yet. If I could, I think I’d get him a 3GS like mine.