Monthly Archives: November 2010

End of an era

It’s the end of an era. I sold the Silver Streak today. It went to a couple that want to redo and restore it, to be towed behind a restored ’59 Chevy pickup. So I guess you could say that it went to a good home. I’d gotten to the point where it didn’t bother me to go into it. I wasn’t reminded of Jeffrey sitting at the kitchen table, eating peanuts and stacking the shells. And, since I’ve moved it down from Stabler,I wasn’t reminded of Jeffrey waiting to meet me at the door. I wasn’t as bothered by selling the trailer, as I’d been by selling my old Mazda, full of memories. In a way, I’m glad to have it gone.

I didn’t get anywhere near what I’d paid for it, of course. But, it did give me enough to really stock up the pantry and get caught up a bit financially. That feels good for a chance. We’ve really eaten down the stuff we had and I like to have a bit more on hand for winter weather. We even went through a few areas with a bit of snow today. Just a reminder of what’s coming up.I’m just not ready for winter yet. Wednesday would have been Jeffrey’s 61st birthday. These anniversaries don’t hurt as much as they did that first year. I chalk that up to the happy times I have now, with Lon in my life. He has a knack of reminding me when I get too cranky and can usually get me laughing again. We are really comfortable together.

Once a month blogger

Okay, so it seems that I don’t have much to say these days. We made it through the two year anniversary of Kate and Jeffrey. Things like anniversaries and holidays tend to be easier, as you are sort of mentally prepared for it. There are still times when the loss sort of sneaks up on you. We were watching Grey’s Anatomy, where a husband has to decide to take his wife off life support. It took him three days on the show to make the decision. Lon pointed out that we knew what it was like to have to do that. One of the good things about our relationship is that we can talk about things like that and that there’s no jealousy about our previous relationships. It helps a lot.

I’ve been fighting some staph infections. They crop up about every two months. I go on antibiotics, they clear then reoccur. I feel like the doctors don’t have a clue about what else to do. I am going to see a specialist in infectious diseases, but I think I will see a naturopath too. There’s got to be a better way to deal with this.

My stepson Quinn turned 21. He’s been going through some tough times lately. He’s being forced into fighting for custody rights for his son. He’s working part time and going to school. He’s been robbed twice at his apartments. He really is in transition at this point. He’s a good person and a great dad. I just hope we can help him a bit through the rough spots.

And work goes on, packing up, sorting through things. The garage is pretty well cleaned out. It’s about time to work on the house and the back yard. It’s nice to have less clutter and space for some new things. I am looking forward to moving, even though it’s going to be pretty rough at first. I’d just like to see the house sold and move on with life.

To top it all off, it’s Nanowrimo! See you there.