Monthly Archives: September 2010

What’s going on around here?

Let’s see. I’ve left Netflix and gone back to Gorge Networks. It’s an ugly commute but it feels great to be doing tech support again. We are making progress clearing out the garage at the house, so there is hope that we may finally get it listed one day. The chickens are laying eggs now. We have an outlaw rooster, hidden in the garage with one hen that we need to move down to the river place. He’s a nice rooster, a dark Brahma. So I’d like to keep him. We are still trying to sell, pack or give away stuff. We’ve also been trying to pull up the motor out of a sunken boat without any luck so far. It looks like we may just have to cut that one up to clear it out.

It’s hard to think that we are closing in on October. We have that joint anniversary, the 2nd year without Kate and Jeffrey. I’m planning to make Jeffrey’s Centinniel Pie in a couple of weeks to commemorate. I will always miss him, just as I know that Lon will always miss Kate. Still, we have a happy life together now. And I know that Jeffrey would want me to be happy.