Monthly Archives: February 2010

Pictures of Quinn’s Cove

This is how things looked down on the river the other day. For some reason, I remembered to take a picture during the cloudy day, but not during the sunny days. Anyway, you can see that we cleared out a lot of boats and junk. The Aqua Home is still there in the distance. The floating house in the front was full of garbage, which our friends helped up load and haul to the dump.

This is part of the pile driver. The guys that raised the sunken boat asked if they could move it to make it easier to raise the boat. They promised to move it back into place, but here it still sits. This is the second time they’ve pulled this. Yet the local paper makes them sound like heroes, even though DNR is trying to evict them as well (with a lot more reason than they went after us.)

And this boat belongs to the son of the guy that owned the sunken boat. They just drug it up on county land and left it. They also left us a bunch of barrels with diesel mixed with water, which we got to pay to have properly disposed of. Yet the local paper made us out to be the bad guys, even though we had nothing to do with the boat sinking. People lose their boats by the dock and just walk away from it. We get stuck with the bill to have them raised and disposed of, yet the paper called us “the apocolyto marina.” I guess there is a reason why people don’t read newspapers these days. When they consider it reporting to write up a lot of malicious, unfounded gossip and call it a news story, they deserve to go out of business.