Monthly Archives: January 2010

Cleanup at Quinn’s Cove

This weekend was a successful cleanup of our place on the river. A lot of good people showed up to help. Took out two pickup loads of garbage, left behind by some fishermen who’d been using one of the houseboats without permission. Took three boats out of the water. Best of all is that the tug is out of the water. It needs work and so we can finally start to make it functional again.

We had some bad publicity lately, caused when a friend’s boat sank while moored. He gave to boat away to someone who is currently trying to get it back up. So it seemed like a good time to clean things up. We have the lawsuit from DNR hanging over our heads. We feel that we have a good case against them, but it will likely be several more months before we go to court.

Lon is still making progress after his surgery. He’s starting to move beyond using the walker. We’ve both gone on a diet of sorts, to try and get back into shape for warm weather. Feels good to be eating right again.

Where am I?

Well, we’ve survived the holidays. It’s been pretty quiet. The kids have moved out, into their own apartment. My cats have been learning to rule the house. We had a nice river cruise on the Portland Spirit.

We weren’t able to do much as we are currently fighting a lawsuit from Dept of Natural Resources. They want us to remove the dock and the houseboats. They refused to renew the lease back in 2002, even though they said that the family had done a lot of good work on the place. They gave us a deadline to do a bunch of stuff, even though we couldn’t get the permits until after their deadline. So, for now, our money goes to lawyers. If we lose this, the public will lose access to the river at that point.

Our life together is good. This new year will see a lot of changes as we are going to sell the house and move to the river. I hope I can make some progress on the Aqua Home, maybe get the engines working. I hope 2010 turns out to be a good year for all.