Monthly Archives: July 2009

appropriate technology

I guess I should admit that I now have a regular cell phone, on a regular cell plan. I have been using a very basic prepaid. It seemed to be time to move to something fancier, given that I seem to use my phone almost daily. So I wound up with a Samsung A767 Propel. I am still sorting out what I want to use on it.

I deal with a lot more technology these days. I even use a microwave now and then, although I still don’t like the taste of food cooked in one. I use a dishwasher, although I still believe that they take longer to clean dishes than just washing them. I do as the natives do. There are times when I have regrets over all that time spent without ammenities. I still feel that I learned some useful lessons during that time. As I get older, I find I desire a little bit of comfort. And I am living in a comfortable house these days. You can’t understand how much of a time saver electricity is, unless you’ve lived without it. And so I have a bit different take on “green” technologies. I don’t mind them, but too much of what I see just seems to be a waste of money. We need alternatives, true, and I realize that they are not going to be developed unless there is a market for them. Now, it just seems to be a way to show your superiority to the “unenlightened” masses.

Posting pictures soon

I have pictures of our Summer Solstice Messabout, which I hope to post this weekend. It’s just been too hectic this week to deal with it. I had something, possibly a bite, become infected with a bad staph strain. I’m on antibiotics and it does seem to be healing. I am just dealing with a two inch deep hole in my thigh. So I didn’t do a lot this last weekend, except sleep and put heat on the bite.

We actually watched a renovation show on the tv, where they did a renovation on an Aqua Home! It seemed to be a newer one. The problem is that they did a pretty lousy job of it and they removed the fly bridge for no particular reason. It did not seem like the way to fix things.

The baby kittens are adjusting to life in the bedroom with the other cats. I will be glad when we have more space for them. I’ve never had Scottish Folds, but they seem to be sweet. Of course, I like kittens, even when their little claws wake you up early in the morning 😉

The short story is that I am happy. It’s difficult to sort out a new relationship. And it’s also difficult to adjust to living with so many people. But change is part of life. There are triumphs to go with the difficulties. Having a baby in my life is fun. But mostly, the new guy in my life makes me very happy. I just wish I could spend a little more time on the water, but that day will come.