Monthly Archives: June 2009

Do we need more kitties?

Well, yes, it seems that we do! This is a picture of the latest, two Scottish fold kittens. This is a strain of the folds that Lon’s family has been raising for some time. We do have one old male, but no new kittens. No names just yet.

No, they don't need to be washed!

No, they don't need to be washed!


We had a run in with pirates from Monrovia yesterday. They didn’t look like the sort of pirates you might expect, just a younger and older man out on the river. The problem is that they were in our boats, or at least boats belonging to people who have moorage with us. So Lon went down and barked at them, telling them to get the boats back where they belonged. The younger man was apologetic, claiming that he had been told by someone there that he could use the boat. The older man did apologize, but also took longer to bring the canoe back in. We did not call the sherrif, but the threat was made.

Lon has already lost a boat motor to them, which was “borrowed” to move another boat. They are supposed to replace it, but who knows? Things do turn up missing at the river. And I’m sure it made perfect sense to them to grab a boat just sitting there. It’s still piracy.