Monthly Archives: March 2008

My commute


Another shot

This was taken on my commute home the other day. This is one of the small elk herds in the area. The larger herd has over 30. I just pulled off at the side of the road and snapped my pictures.

On the home front, Loretta the puppy is growing in size. We think she’s doubled since we got her. She is not a fussy eater. Cucumbers? No problem! Cabbage cores? Why, certainly! She is extremely happy to see that we’ve gotten snow again. We are not so happy. Yesterday’s snow melted right off but today’s might stick around for a few days. I managed to go up on Tuesday and plant a batch of iris bulbs. Jeffrey had to work on the car as the shifting linkage on the car went out when I pulled in on Monday night. He did manage to fix it, but I was late to work. Thought it would be good to get the bulbs in the ground and I’m glad I did. While I was digging up top, I kept hearing a woodpecker close by. I looked in the maple tree next to me but didn’t see anything. Then I heard some birds fussing and managed to spot them. It was a pair of tiny woodpeckers, about the size of a towhee or sparrow. One is hollowing out the top of a dead maple and the other one, I guess, was supervising. I hope that they do settle in up there. We are planning to put the new living quarters up on the hill. I don’t think I’ve talked about that. We’re going to do a double-wide travel trailer. We have two old travel trailers to tear down, each about 18 foot long. We’ll tear down to the frame and then build a single, shed roofed building on each frame. We’ll connect the two at the roof and frame, to form a single building. One side will have bedroom and bath, the other, kitchen and living room. I want a porch across both front and back. On the back porch, we’ll put a small pantry. That room just might be glassed in, so that we have a way to merge the step cats with the rest of the group. I don’t know if we will get enough stimulus money to fund this. If not, we plan to build it uninsulated and can do that if I manage to get a bonus around Christmas time. You can get away with that when using wood heat. A lot depends on how cheap building supplies are right now.

I’ll try to see if I can get pictures of Loretta this weekend. I’ve not had a chance to take pictures of the goats kids, but all the goats are fine. They’re just a bit tired of all the winter weather.