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Appropriate Tchnology

This is an interesting article on how much technology is enough. I think that I am going to be blogging more in the coming year on technology. Maybe we can talk about companies that make snow shovels with plastic handles that are held on with a single nail. Guess what? The handle splits and breaks. Hope they saved a lot of money using that cheap handle. But really, I suspect that the next year is going to be difficult financially for a lot of folks. It’s time to stop thinking in terms of gadgets and start learning how to analyze exactly how much technology you need to do something. And happy new year to you all!

Snow part deux

Jeffrey’s truck

This is how much snow we have.

Home 12/28

Notice the terrible twosome in front of the door.


The other goats refuse to come out.

Help is on the way

The new stove.
The picture doesn’t really show how small this stove is. It’s small but tall. And it’s even an EPA approved one. We’re just waiting to get the stovepipe.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas tree

It’s a good thing I took this last night, as the cats knocked the cranberries down a bit and a lot of the popcorn. But it’s not a bad little tree, complete with a star cut out of a candy wrapper for the top. Somewhere, we have little ornaments that would have worked, but I don’t have time to dig through the bins in storage to find them. So Merry Christmas to you all! I’m still trying to recover from all the sweet stuff we had at the church Christmas goodies party.

Missing in action

I guess that would be me. We are in the process of putting in a small Waterford wood stove, that should give us something resembling heat plus the ability to bank a fire overnight. It’s even been moved into the porch. It’s just a question of setting up the stove pipe. I went into town yesterday and did a shop at Winco. Somehow, Christmas just means getting groceries to me. I picked up some Russian chocolates, which has been a nice change. We will be having Christmas goodies at the church tomorrow.

And speaking of that, some kid broke into the church, leaving a mess of glass that took four hours to clean up. The sheriff said it was a “mal-adjusted youth”. Don’t know why they would break in. We don’t have any money to steal.

I’ll be working on Christmas, so I’ll try to have pictures and a longer post then.


Do we have snow?

Why yes, we do.
snow at homeThis is the new porch on the trailer, which lets us add things like a wood cookstove and soon to be wood heater. And it will give us space for more cats and typewriters.

Speaking of that, here’s the new typewriter:
Silent Super
This is a 1954 Silent Super. It’s really a nice machine and I’m looking forward to using it daily. I finished Nano and so I can display this:
Nano winner!