Monthly Archives: April 2007

New webhost

So it looks like we finally have things up at the new web host! I’ll bring over the old posts as soon as I have a chance. Time to update the picture on the front page, as we are long past snow season. Still waiting on the goats to kid out and trying to put in a garden.

Moving day

Looks like we will be moving to a new web host soon. We’ve done this enough that I’m starting to get good at it. Hopefully, I can pull this blog over to the new site.

News: We had our neighbor’s dog kill one of the geese last week. This is a problem because it is our friend’s son. And since he kept one of the puppies, we now have a pack to contend with. Our neighbor on the other side is suspected of the great shot that creased her backside. We spoke with them briefly the other morning when we herded our wandering geese back home. I do not like to shoot dogs, especially one that I like. In some ways, she is a sweet dog. The problem is that she enjoys killing things now. She would happily kill all my chickens, geese, turkeys, cats and goats. So Jeffrey is going to check out the shotgun and we will test my 22 pistol to see if we can figure out why we’ve had misfires with it. Basically, if she comes over, we are going to start shooting at her. And if we catch her trying to kill one of our animals, it will be shoot and shovel.

We are probably a couple of weeks away from goat kids, which is part of the reason for the hardline. We stake the goats out, which makes them vulnerable. We’ve worked hard to get them through the winter. I really don’t want to lose any of them now.